Revision surgery in Mexico

on 12/5/19 12:47 pm

Hello All,

Me and my husband is considering me having a revision surgery in Mexico, since my job does not have this as a covered expense ( I have exhausted all of my appeals). Has anyone went to Mexico? Good experiences? Bad experiences? I am revising from Sleeve to Bypass. I see that this forum tends to be inactive, but I could really use some help in our research. Please be as expressive and detailed as possible!!!!!


on 12/26/19 7:41 am


Have you considered Colombia? It was a great experience for us!

Do you have any questions in particular?

Merry Christmas! :)

on 12/29/19 2:08 pm

I have not! Please do tell.... where did u go? How much did it cost? What made u go to Columbia?

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on 12/26/19 7:55 am - Irvine, CA

Kay, take a look at the Mexico Surgeon Directory here. You can see the qualifications of many surgeons along with the types of procedures they perform as well as reviews by their patients.

Many members have gone to Mexico for surgery, you can also crosspost your question to the mainboards as well for feedback.

Best of luck to you!

on 1/29/20 8:32 pm

I highly recommend Mexicali Bariatric Center

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on 2/2/20 10:51 am


Have you considered Türkiye?

Do you have any questions in particular?

on 2/3/20 11:23 am

No questions really... just if you did go out of the country, what was your experience?

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on 2/9/20 10:50 am

Dear KayLavonne

I'm just doing operations in Turkey.

Unfortunately, I cannot serve abroad.

Best regards,


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