Mexico Bariatric Center Dr Rodriguez

on 1/10/20 4:03 pm
Revision on 02/29/20

I'm in the process of scheduling a bypass rny revision. Has anyone had their surgery at Mexico Bariatric Center in Tijuana? Which Dr did you have and what was your experience?

on 1/29/20 8:35 pm, edited 4/22/20 12:30 am

I highly recommend Mexicali Bariatric Center in Mexicali, MX. Many people on OH have gone there and have had the best results. Good luck!

on 11/12/21 6:19 am

Did you have your surgery at the Mexico Bariatric Center? If so, what surgeon did you choose and how did it go? I am looking into this now.

on 1/22/22 9:30 am

Hello Sheila,

I'm looking in to do the same procedure with the Same Dr. Cristian Rodriguez. I would like a revision. If you know anything about the Dr. please let me know!

Thank you in advance!

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