Why does MGB have a bad reputation?

on 6/29/07 1:30 am - CO
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Let me say first off, I'm not trying to offend anyone. I'm legitimately researching this surgery and I see scores of happy patients who have had minimal complications. Yet in researching there are many people, even in the medical community, who say "MGB is sketchy" "Dr. Rutledge isn't a serious surgeron" "MGB is dangerous annd almost identical to the old loop bypass". Why is there such a divide? It is a HUGE discrepancy! I also posted about this on the MGB Yahoo Group but it never showed up on the board...that makes me feel even more suspicious! Maybe it was a technical glitch...but I think it may have been deleted by the administrator.  Have you had the surgey? Or do you have an opinion as to why the feedback is so conflicting? Please share!
on 6/30/07 4:12 am - Acworth, GA
Ariel, I am an MGB patient, having had surgery almost 3 years ago.  After having lost over 200 pounds with very few problems, I am truly satisfied with my decision.   I did a lot of research before making my decision.  I saw a doctor who does the "open" surgery first, and quickly decided this was not for me!  I researched the RNY, and was even on a waiting list for Emory Hospital's program.  I just happened across the CLOS.net website, and the more I read, the more I knew this was the surgery for me!  The statistics relating the lower death rate, shorter surgery and recovery time, the excellent follow-up and support after surgery, and, most importantly the fact that it is reversible if I made a terrible mistake, all convinced me that I was making the right decision. I, too, wondered why more people weren't aware of this. I believe the negative comments are coming from those who are not really educated as to the benefits and track record of this surgery.  I see so many problems posted on Obesity Help by people with terrible side effects, but I am totally pleased that I do not experience the diarrhea, throwing up or even more serious complications that I see requiring hospitalization! The Discovery Health Channel program on the surgery of actor Gil Girard seems to be putting out the word.  The MGB also has lots of patients who come from Canada since their health insurance program covers the MGB. I have met many MGB'ers and have gotten to know even more on the Yahoo support board, and I have yet to find anyone dissatisfied with their choice. I'm sure you could find answers to your questions at CLOS.net. One thing confusing to me, though, is the posts I see on here by folks who say they had the MGB but with doctors I have never heard of.  It is my understanding the the TRUE MGB was developed by Dr. Robert Rutledge and is performed by only him in Las Vegas and two other surgeons trained by him working out of Michigan and Florida.  I am curious as to whether these other docs are specialists in the procedure. Maybe on of the people who posted on here will explain that.    Sandy
on 3/5/14 3:41 pm - VA

I had open RNY and I am on my knees thanking GOD for it every day of my life. My scar is beautiful It's a work of art. I have one small scar that's barely noticeable. My surgeon, Dr. Osvaldo Anez, gave me my life. He didn't give it back to me, because I was so unhealthy I didn't have a life. He is truly an artist with the scalpel, and an angel walking this earth.

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on 7/3/07 2:51 pm
I have wondered the same thing.  I have received responses from one member who says that he answered a question wrong on his Nevada application to practice and that makes him unethical.  As I read the legal documents it appear that Dr. Rutledge had 7 patients in 2001 make complaints and the NC board investigated.  After a broad survey of his patients they found no basis in the complaints, so they dropped the investigation.  The big ruckus was that he did not report that he had been investigated when he applied in NV, which he later agreed to go back and document.   I am not used to a doctor being quite so flashy, but after all MY research I have decided this is the least invasion and effective surgery.  If you looked at lap band failures and complications I am certain it would far out weigh those of MGB.  With all that being said, I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Rutledge in August! 
on 7/4/07 2:25 am - Acworth, GA
  It was my understanding, too, that the report was just a misunderstanding that has been settled now.  I have complete faith in Dr. Rutledge and his abilities. Good luck with your surgery, and if you need a contact for your packet, please let me know.   Sandy
on 7/4/07 11:18 am
Thanks Sandy.  My packet was accepted already, and I had over 40 contacts all saying if they had to do it again, the only thing they would do differently was run and jump on the operating table without any  worry!!
on 7/12/07 11:02 am
First of all, let me say that Dr. Rutledge is not the only surgeon doing this great procedure.  I have seen hundreds of patients who have had this surgery performed by the physician I work for with minimal  to no complications.  I have seen lives changed.  Health problems disappear.  It is not even close to the old loop bypass.   Search further....I do hope the moderator will approve my post.
K. M.
on 4/22/08 9:31 pm - Tyler, Tx
On July 12, 2007 at 6:02 PM Pacific Time, robinjc wrote:
First of all, let me say that Dr. Rutledge is not the only surgeon doing this great procedure.  I have seen hundreds of patients who have had this surgery performed by the physician I work for with minimal  to no complications.  I have seen lives changed.  Health problems disappear.  It is not even close to the old loop bypass.   Search further....I do hope the moderator will approve my post.
I have been researching the MGB for about three years and believe this is the right procedure for me. I am curious about these other Dr.s who are performing this operation. It has concerned me that only three in the country will perform it. It makes me feel skeptical that it is not a well accepted procedure. could you let me know who some of the other surgeons are so I could look into their practices also before I decide who to go with ? Also, I have a problem with cronic nausea. Will MGB make this worse?
on 7/22/07 6:41 pm - LivingHappy, AL
The surgery is the same as the old Bilroth II, except that the loop of intestine is joined to the bottom of a longer pouch. The eary loop bypass had a smaller pouch with the loop joined towards the top of side of the pouch. This lead to pancreatic enzymes and bile to enter the esophogus area and cause serious complications. The surgery was abandoned as too risky  even for the outcome of weightloss. Dr Rutledge and a few others have started it up again, it's a fast surgery, and easy to preform. Dr Rutledge posts with great pride that he can finish the surgery in 35 minutes.  Click here: Surgical revision of loop ("mini") gastric bypass ...[Surg Obes Relat Dis. 2007 Jan-Feb] - PubMed Result
on 12/20/07 3:10 am
It is not the surgery that is the same as the billroth II but the connection, this type of connection was pioneered in the 1800's and is routinely used in about 16,000 non bariatric surgeries in the US per annum for things  like Cancer and Gun Shot wounds. The surgery is less invasive, less cutting leaves the original stomach intact and connects to the side of the small bowel rather than splcing it as they do in the RnY.  This is important as it makes it much easier to reverse an MGB (35 minutes) than a RnY ( 3 hours). The patient consent form of the MGB says that you agree to reverse the surgery if there is excessive weight loss, that is a responsible position.   I have seen two newspaper articles of RnY where patients have died of starvation.  I saw a RnY patient  at a recent meeting and she looked really too thin and quite ill. The other thing they do in the MGB is some very discreet work on teh vagus nerve terminal fibres, this is much more subtle than a vagotomy (complete cut of Vagus nerve) and leads to the reduction of Ghrelin which is a hormone related to hunger. So there are 3 WL factors in the MGB, reduced hunger, reduced capacity and reduced absorbsion.  Of course there are side effects as in all WL surgery but they want you about them and you confirm your understanding with a 17 pages consent form where you have to answer questions about the impact. (you do this for the packet as well). So why are people bad mouthing the MGB, well Doctors are full of ego and often knock each other and it might have something to do with the fact that alternative surgery costs more!
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