mgb after vgs

on 12/29/07 2:06 pm - Ecuador


I would like to know, if it is possible to have a mini gastric bypass done, if you do not reach the amount of weight you need to loose after a reasonable time with the vertical gastric sleeve?.

Awaiting your soonest comments

Regards Pedrof.


on 1/1/08 3:35 am - Stanwood, WA
Not sure about that. You should go to and email one of the staff members about that. Good luck! Van
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on 1/9/08 4:31 am, edited 5/20/08 3:27 am
on 2/19/08 4:16 am - Oregon City, OR
I would think you could have this done.  I had the opposite done.  I had the MGB that was revised to a gastric sleeve because I lost too much weight.  Seems to me they would just need to go in and bypass the intestines like they do in the original MGB, since you already have the stomach part done.
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