looking for advise on Gastric bypass

on 5/31/08 10:11 am - Ireland
Hi I am due to have surgery in 3 weeks any advice on pain & side affects thanks
on 6/8/08 8:47 pm - Abilene, TX
Hello My name is Kenya. I just ahd the gastric bypass done on 14 May. My surgery went very well.  The pain is there. Let me just tell you that you will be very happy that you have it done. You will have a pian pump and when ya get the i.v. taken out you will then be given some liquid lortab and also a pian medicine patch. You have to get up and walk every hour. The hardest part for me was getting in and out of the bed. Wlaking was greta for me and I am still walking too. Its great excersie.... I hope that your surger goes well for you. Let me know how you do.... I've lost a total of 19.5 lbs in 3 weeks so that is about 1 lb a day.... I am very pleased with ym results... Good luckt o ya.....
on 6/9/08 12:17 am - Ireland
Hi Kenya Glad to hear everything went well for you. Well done on the weight loss already. Yea I cant wait to be out of the hosp after the op. I dont like hosp too much keep up the good work. what kind oa diet are you on now. Did you get gall bladder removed at same time my doc is removing mine .
on 6/9/08 5:32 am - Abilene, TX
Hello!  Glad to hear from you!  Yeah, everyday to me feels great. I'm so looking forward to the new me. I am so happy that I had it done.  I was in the hospital almost 3 days. There's nothing to it. I was walking 8 hours after surgery I think.  Now, I can eat cheese mash potoates, oatmeal, sugar free oatmeal, sugar free popsickles, refriedn beans with cheese on it....... Basically anything that I feel like I can  have. Remember when you drink drinks has to be sugar free. I drink crystal lite and water. If you drink juices do it have water and have juice. Some juisces can give ya dirrehia. I already had my gall bladder removed.  I had it taken out 4 years ago. I was extremely sick when it happened.  I am doing so well. I wish you all the good luck and hope that everything goes well for you during surgery and after as well. Let me know what happens to you. Wher are you having your surgery done at? I had mine done in Wichita Falls, Texas and it was done by Kenneth Warnock..... Good Luck again!
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