Pre Op diet for Post Op to get back on track

on 9/19/14 5:34 pm - Bethalto, IL

I had a gastric bypass in 2008 I weighed 328,  I did excellent and found myself under 200 within a year. My problem is this in 2010 my weight had leveled off at 210 more than I wanted but better than 328, except I was falling a lot and feeling very dizzy, being an accountant I hid this pretty well to make a long story short I finally made an appointment to my MD.  she was concerned and ordered a cat scan, then an MRI nest thing I knew I was seeing a Brain surgeon at Barnes. They found a brain tumor and what they originally thought was MS was finally identified as a series of strokes. Well the next 18 months was a series of test, doctor visits and physical therapy. FIRST let me be very clear my surgery had nothing to do with my brains problems. There was talk of surgery, chemo and radiation. Well I am a single mom at the age of 40 my sons father left before he was born, so I decided I need to raise my son on my own, I worked full time +, and went to get my MBA. After working so hard to build a life for us, the whole stroke brain tumor came as a serious blow to my ability to look challenges in the eye and concur them. My mentality was oh poor me I have worked hard and now people with my type tumor have life expectancy of 4 weeks to several years. Needless to say I turned to my old habits and now I am carrying about 40 lbs. I need to lose, I never thought this would be an issue .....but here I am almost 4 years since they found my tumor still alive and actually enjoying life. In the last four years I have learned that what starts out to appear to be a crisis with God in control is actually a blessing. I was working myself to death. with my medical issues I retired, and now since I am not immediately terminal  I need to drop this weight. since I appear to have no real self control I have thought that I might try the pre surgery diet and see a counselor for my food issues. HOWEVER, since part of my issues has cost me my memory I can not remember the I am hoping one of you might allow me to review the pre op diet you are on....please   

on 10/11/14 6:40 am
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I am so sorry to hear of your medical problems. Did you have RNY or MGB? I had MGB in 2012, but my surgeon does not require a pre-op diet and, to my knowledge, the few surgeons who perform MGB also do not require a pre-op diet. If your gastric bypass was RNY, you'll probably get a much better response if you post on the RNY board. Good luck and healing to you.



on 10/26/14 1:35 pm - Shreveport, LA

There is nothing I can tell u to make u feel any better, I am going thru pre op diet starting tomorrow, and is basically three 8 oz protein shakes daily, plenty of clear liquids, like water, diet Snapple, crystal lite flavors for water, sugar free jello, sugar free Popsicles. After surgery will be two more weeks of the same, after two weeks will get reinforcement with vitamins that were recommended. Hope this helps

on 1/3/15 5:30 pm

Wow, what a story.  I would love to have  you in my next book where we are highlighting "Stories and personal connections with other bypass readers who are either going through the same thing or would benefit from hearing about your situation.


Cheryl Spangler

**check out the link above to catch some information about "what doctor don't tell you about gastric surgery"

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