Surgery booked for two weeks time.

(deactivated member)
on 11/18/14 6:10 pm

I just signed up in the hopes that I would find others having or who have had the Mini Gastric Bypass.  This does not seem to be a widely undertaken procedure which is making me nervous. My surgeon here in Australia has just recently started to perform these as well.  I was meant to have this done in January next year but my surgery days has moved up to early December.  Are the after effects similar to the RNY bypass ext I really feel like I need support to keep on track as I have struggled with food and weight problems for 20 years. 

on 11/19/14 4:20 pm - Australia

I don't know why this is saying I am a deactivated member? 


on 11/20/14 11:36 am - Adelaide, Australia

Hey, I'm in Adelaide and had my mgb 3 weeks ago and have lost 8kg. I was my surgeons 1st mgb and have had no complications, everything has gone well and feels normal so I'm very happy that I had a fast recovery. The mgb is safer and simple than Roux-ny and also has slightly more weight loss because it bypasses more of the small bowel.


As for your addiction, a dietician can help with that, but that restriction and feeling of fullness from the grehlin being reduced in this surgery will greatly help with your hunger anyway.

Janice N.
on 11/20/14 9:29 pm - MO
Mini Gastric Bypass on 10/01/14 with

I had my MGB in Mexico on October 1st. Feel good I have lost 26 pounds, love it. No complications

on 11/23/14 11:15 am

Who was your surgeon in Mexico?

Janice N.
on 11/29/14 11:23 pm - MO
Mini Gastric Bypass on 10/01/14 with

Dr Verboonen. 

on 11/27/14 12:36 pm - Australia

Hi guys thanks for posting, I didn't realise anyone had.  We are a small bunch hey. :)

I am having my surgery in exactly a week and I am not sure if I am absolutely ecstatic about it or absolutely petrified lol it kind of swings.  It's nice to hear others have made it to the other side without regrets.

What have you been told about taking Nsaids? Carbonated drinks? Alcohol? My surgeon said I could have the odd wine or beer after about three months.  I am not a big drinker but we are travelling through Europe next year so I am wondering if you have found this?   What vitamin supplements have you been told to take?   How much food do you eat at a sitting and how often?  

on 11/27/14 12:42 pm - Australia

Congrats to you both on your weight loss. :)


Do you both have energy still?

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on 11/28/14 5:07 am - Saudi Arabia

Hello... I just had the Mini Gastric Bypass done earlier this week - Nov 23, 2014 to be exact. My doctor says its the safest option! I am in Saudi Arabia and had my MGB with Dr. Khalid Mirza in Saad Hospital, Khobar. 

 it's only been 6 days with no complications so far.. but I think I am having a slow recovery. I still have abdominal pain. Some incisions still hurt. I am still on pain killers every 4 or 6 hours. 

My cousin had his MGB done with the same doctor about 6 months ago. His starting weight was 144 Kg. Now he is 85 Kg. My starting weight is 101 KG.. today I weighed 96.8 Kg. I am sure it's all fluid loss. I am now on the liquid diet phase for 2 weeks - I hate the protein powder. I will not force myself to swallow it down. I hate it and I feel miserable when I force myself to drink it! 



Janice N.
on 11/29/14 11:27 pm - MO
Mini Gastric Bypass on 10/01/14 with

Luckly this phase doesn't last long, good luck

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