How many centimetres of small intestine did your surgeon bypass>

on 11/27/14 1:29 pm - Australia

How many cms of small intestine did your surgeon bypass? Mine says he is looking at around 200cms?  How many cmd are bypassed with the RNY?

Janice N.
on 11/29/14 11:20 pm - MO
Mini Gastric Bypass on 10/01/14 with

My doctor said he bypassed 7 feet.

on 12/1/14 9:27 pm - Australia

Thanks for replying.  That is about the same.  I wonder if this is about the same amount bypassed as the RNY? 

Janice N.
on 12/3/14 12:59 pm - MO
Mini Gastric Bypass on 10/01/14 with

I am not sure but I believe they bypass all of your intestine.

on 1/23/16 12:27 pm - Cleveland, TN

I know this is an old post but rny does not have as long of a bypass they go further down with a mini gastric bypass

on 6/19/16 2:17 am

I had 180 cm. around 5".. I was surprised to know after surgery that MGB bypasses more of the intestines than normal RNY.. I was told by my doctor that there is less weight loss and risk of malabsorption in MGB compared to RNY. I feel lost.. I started with a BMI of 33 and he preferred MGB because of my low BMI

on 2/1/17 8:25 am

so how are you doing?  How is the mgb working for you? I too have a low BMI, but want to go with the MGB.  I want to lose about 45 lbs.

on 2/1/17 8:40 am

I'm currently 9 months post-op.. current weight is 52kg. My doctor assures me that my weight should start to stabilize by now and I sure do hope so because I do not want to lose anymore weight. I have been using bariatric advantage multi vitamins and all of my vitamins are in check however last week my labs showed slight iron deficiency and my doctor ordered for iron infusion because he didn't want my iron levels to drop further more.. my zinc levels borderline. I tried to take extra zinc tablets but it caused me severe stomach cramps.. I get regular bouts of diarrhea, sorry for TMI but my poop and gas stink so bad and causes me a lot of embarrassment.. in the last 2 weeks I got two epoisode of hypoglycemia, I've read that it could be a serious complication of bariatric surgery. I would like to have this surgery reversed but worry about gaining my weight back and also worry about the risks of surgery because I had severe complications following my MGB surgery.. in short I regret not insisting on getting the sleeve instead.. but I also like the fact that this surgery is reversible 

on 2/1/17 9:39 am

wow, so you are currently 114lbs.  What was your starting weight.  How much did you lose in 9 months.  I worry about getting too small.  I am 186lbs at 63 inches tall.  I would only want to get to 140,

on 2/1/17 9:42 am

Starting weight was 76kg. Height 153cm. BMI 33.. I lost around 24 kg. Msg me back in another few months to see if I will maintain my weight or lose more .

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