Normal Wind/Gas or Bloating to be worried about

on 2/4/19 3:55 am
Mini Gastric Bypass on 01/09/19

Hello everyone!

I've been recommended this support forum from a trusted friend. So I'm looking for support.

I had my Minibypass at the beginning of January and I appear to have lost a significant amount of weight in the three weeks since. I seemed to have plateaued a bit around the end of week three, but I have the green light to go back to the gym this week... fingers crossed.

My real question and something that has been worrying me a bit is a significant abdominal discomfort that happens either just before or just after eating, followed by a large amount of burping. This has only really manifested last week (I wasn't very active as I'd just gone back to work and it was killing me trying to stay awake till ten o'clock.

Is it, therefore, normal, that I have a lot of trapped air in my stomach as I've not been moving enough, or is this serious and should I contact my surgeon?

Many thanks in advance!

on 2/17/19 7:23 am

liz i hope evrything is working fine for you. do you still have problems with trapped air in your stomach?

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