MGP in Ontario

on 8/16/19 3:02 pm

Anyone had MGP in Canada? I'm considering this as an option as the wait time in Ontario is 2-3 years for the traditional GP. With the MGP, although I have to pay for this privately, I can have the surgery sooner and begin getting my health back. The only concern I have is it doesn't seem to be a common surgery in Canada, yet it seems very popular in Europe. I'm wondering if there's a big puzzle piece I'm missing. Would love to hear any insight anyone may have. ?

on 1/13/20 11:57 am
VSG on 11/26/19

I had a MGB on 11/26 and am down 30lbs already. I had it done for cash in Tijuana, Mexico. I didn't want to jump through all the hoops going through insurance and wait a year. Plus I was at a 30 BMI and Cigna required me to be at 35 BMI. I didn't want to gain weight for the procedure. I couldn't be happier with my procedure. I don't have acid reflux anymore and have never had bile reflux. I can eat 4 oz easily without complication, and can eat everything I could before the procedure, just smaller amts. This procedure is not FDA approved yet, so that is why this procedure is not being done in the US frequently. BUT, it is being done all over Europe and Mexico. The primary difference between mini gastric bypass surgery and a full gastric bypass is that the mini version of the surgery is performed in a modified manner that involves less intestinal rerouting and a shorter overall surgery time. If you can get this, I highly recommend it!! Good Luck!

on 1/13/20 5:47 pm

Thanks so much for your response! I did get it done! I had it done on Oct 16 and I feel great so far! Just like you, I can eat everything just smaller amounts.

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