How much weight have you lost? Sleeve to MGB

on 5/29/20 10:43 pm
Mini Gastric Bypass on 05/23/20

I had a gastric sleeve done 8 years ago and lost 200 pounds. I had an MGB a week ago and noticed no weight loss. I heard that the weight loss wouldn't be significant this time around. I am currently at 283. Anyone out there who had the sleeve and MGB? How much did you lose? Any advice you can give to start the weight loss? After the sleeve, I lost 10 lbs the first week. Thank you!

White Dove
on 7/29/21 7:46 am - Warren, OH

The huge weight loss after surgery is normally a once in a lifetime event. With a revision, people tend to continue to consume more calories than their body can burn and thus continue to carry excess weight. This seems to be the outcome, no matter which surgery and which type of revision a person has. To take advantage of your revision, make sure you are on a very restricted calorie diet and that you are doing as much exercise as possible.

Your stomach will be smaller and there should be some malabsorption for a while. The stomach will start to stretch out again if you ever overeat at any meal. A good rule for women is to multiply your ideal weight by 10 and eat that number of calories daily. To lose one pound a week, subtract 500 calories a day. I maintain 136 at 1360 calories a day and lose a pound a week at 900 calories a day.

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