Concert Seating

on 8/5/04 5:45 am - Riverside, CA
Hi I'm new to the boards and just wanted to say hello to everyone... The last show I attended was Skinny Puppy at the Grove of Anaheim on the 4th of July...It was crazy....standing room only unfortunately, but luckily the staff was kind enough to provide me with a chair so I didn't have to stand all night. Anyone else have good or bad experiences to share as far as seating at concerts/shows is concerned?
Ms. T.
on 8/12/04 9:42 am - So.Cal, CA
Last show I went to was Fraz Ferdinand and Sons and Daughters in LA. It was awesome!!!!
Ms. T.
on 8/12/04 9:48 am - So.Cal, CA
Cathy H.
on 12/9/04 2:42 pm - Efland, NC
Actually going to concerts has been the one PERK of being sick! I have a walker with a seat that I have to use, it can even double as a semi wheelchair if there is someone to push when I give out. Now the rest of my tale: I found out about this concert the week before the concert. Impossible to get tickets right!! Well as I am looking thru Ticketmaster, I see a section for handicapped or walking impaired seating! I filled the info out, and low and behold I got 10th row from the stage and they were AISLE (sp?) seats, and UNDER THE COVER!!! It is an outdoor pavillion!! And of all the concerts I have been to there, that was the ONLY time that I got seats under the cover! So that is one good thing you can do when buying tickets. As to who I saw...Well as a teenager, I had a major crush James Pankow and the band Chicago. Went to see them several years in a row!! And that was awesome THEN. I have this list of musicians that I want to see before I die, and one of my wishes was touring together with Chicago. It was the elements of the universe, "EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE"!!! After their set I could have died right then and been TOTALLY happy. I finally got to see/hear Phillip Bailey sing "REASONS"! OMG, it gives me chills just to think about it. THey were everything I EVER dreamed they would be and MORE!! Words can not do them justice! I was pretty sad about Chicago though, they were pretty disappointing for an original die hard Chicago fan! Sorry for the long babble, but seeing those guys still gets me all twitterpaitted. The one irony that I must share with you before I go is this, been to lots of concerts at that facility (before my illness), and as I said earlier I never got seats under the cover. At EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE IT RAINED!!!!! Some storms were worse than others. This time when I was under the cover, it was dry as a bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone seen some good concerts lately? Take care! Cathy
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