parrothead-Jimmy Buffet Fan!

on 8/23/04 6:46 am - Newnan, GA
Been a Buffet fan for 18 yrs... Love the old stuff, love the new stuff... I am a huge fan... collection of over 16 albums (CDS) Host a LUAU every year just to share my obsession of his music! Just love him & his music!
on 10/23/04 8:12 pm - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with
WOW!!! Wouldn't it be cool though if he showed up unexpectedly at one of your luau's??? I love his music too... one of the best concerts ever!!! Changes in Lattitude, Changes in Attitude... My fav is "A pirate looks at 40" Everytime I go to florida I have to hit his shops. Want to go to his restaurant too but will have to wait until I'm a little further out post op. From one fan to another... WOO HOO!!!!
on 2/23/05 12:33 pm
When's your next one? I *like* Jimmy Buffet, but my brother and SIL LOVE him! And I have an on-line buddy who lives in Newnan, so---where can we pitch our tent? (*grin*)
Grace loves cats
on 10/5/05 6:45 pm - CA
Every time I go to Vegas I have to go to Jimmy Buffet's Margarittaville! I love it there! I have like 3 T-shirts from there. His music is great. Grace
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