tool, nin, static-x, qotsa, taproot...?

on 1/7/06 4:15 am - verona, PA
just seeing if anyone likes these bands as much as i do? especially tool and nin. big maynard fan. can't wait till i can be one of those hot *****es at the concerts!
on 1/16/06 3:03 pm
Can't wait till i can be one of those hot *****es at the concerts! Haha.. I like maynard hes amazing although he is not the only person in the band. I love a perfect circle also.
on 1/17/06 12:26 am - verona, PA
loooove apc too. 13th step. love that album! maynard is definetly only 1/4 of the tool equation. tool is so complex everytime i listen i find something new. #1 band in my book.
on 2/16/06 4:39 pm - Brea, CA
Hi Elizabeth =) I see you have the same musical tastes as my brother. =) He has seen many of the Metal bands. I am an R&B girl, and have only begun to truly enjoy Heavy Metal in the last couple of years. I am soooooo amazed at the guitars and drums...I had no idea so much talent lie within a single type of music. I guess I was so wrapped up in R&B, I did not pay attention. I am so glad to be broadening my musical horizons!
on 2/16/06 8:22 pm - verona, PA
hey cathie, haha, don't our brothers turn us on to new things all the time? my brother was the first to turn me on to tool. i cannot believe how almost everytime i listen i get blown away by the drums and guitars and how they're all arranged. it's really amazing that people can be so talented! i was the same as you, i was into r&b before rock/metal. i would never go back though! have fun discovering new sounds! ~liz
Kristin N.
on 11/16/06 2:55 am - Petaluma, CA
I met Maynard earlier this year at Wal-Mart after a was funny. I'm a big QOTSA fan (HUGE FAN) and NIN, Tool,
on 1/13/07 5:08 am - Carson, CA
YEAH!!!! I'm a big NIN fan. I saw them (w/QOTSA opening) at the Hollywood Bowl in Oct. 2005. It was easily the best show I've ever been to, and I've been to quite a few, so that's saying somethin'. :D I like Tool, too and would love to see them live. Wouldn't mind catching Marilyn Manson either, if he ever goes back on the road. \m/ !!
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