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on 2/7/06 9:48 am - Reynoldsburg, OH
I just went to the Winter Jam 2006 with my husband and stepson this past Friday night in Columbus, OH. Wow - what a concert!!! There were a couple artists there I had not heard of; Crystal Meyers and Hawk Nelson. They sounded more rock/alternative Christian. The concert series was sponsered by Newsong, and they did a great job!! They also had a short motorcycle stunt show during one of the intermissions, but they saved the best 2 bands for last. That was Toby Mac and Newsboys. Toby Mac was phenomenal!! I was even jumping up and down and waving my arms and clapping. I'm sure I looked silly @ 34 acting like a teenager, but I didn't care. I was having a blast!! Newsboys did not dissappoint either. My chin dropped on the floor when they introduced the drummer and not only did his platform rise into the air, but then tilted forward and spun around. I have never seen anything like that before!! They announced they would be back next year and you can bet that we will be there!! Next concert is Casting Crowns next month!! Anyone seen them yet?? I love both their cd's!!
on 2/16/06 4:28 pm - Brea, CA
Hi April =) I have not seen the Casting Crowns, and have only recently become aware of their music. They are very good! Southern Gospel is not too big here in Southern CA, so I only hear of some of these groups through friends that live elsewhere. Newboys and Toby Mac are well known here. As I am a Gospel vocalist/musician, I am more into that venue. (Donny McClurkin, John P Kee)
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