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on 3/9/11 1:42 pm - FL
Topic: RE: A 80's music fan
OMG!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Sorry.

I ADORE The Sisters Of Mercy... The Smiths... and ANYTHING Peter Murphy!
I AM BLOWN AWAY and Impressed with you. OK, we have to be pals now! 

';*;'*Amy Lou*;',*; 
   ;*, ;',*             ;*, ;',*;    
on 3/9/11 1:33 pm - FL
Topic: RE: this board is dead!
I just found this LOL...What's the deal?

';*;'*Amy Lou*;',*; 
   ;*, ;',*             ;*, ;',*;    
on 2/3/11 7:02 am - FL
Topic: RE: Anyone into oldschool alternative/punk?
Holy Heck! Yep. :)
I'm Amy Lou...I'm a new member here.

What's shakin?
on 2/3/11 7:02 am - FL
on 2/3/11 6:58 am - FL
on 1/16/11 2:54 pm
Courtney S.
on 1/14/11 9:16 pm
on 1/14/11 7:47 pm
Topic: this board is dead!
Wondering if anyone checks this anymore...



on 4/17/09 3:30 am
Topic: RE: Lookin for musicians...
Well Im not in the area but I play Guitar and figured Id say Hi = ) 
(deactivated member)
on 1/3/08 5:40 am - Bessemer, AL
Topic: RE: A 80's music fan
I am absolutely a big 80's fan! :lol: I remember changing channels (excuse me...turning the dial and pressing the numbers in :) and discovering this new channel MTV! I would go to concerts and saw the Go-Go's, A Flock of Seagulls,The Fixx,Thomas Dolby,Billy Squier,Def Leppard,Billy Idol,The Romantics,Adam Ant,The Police,I've still got my pin/buttons,ticket stubs,tour books, 45's,albums,tapes,Rubik's Cube,Swatch Watches AND Swatch sunglasses,sock ties and a pair of Nike's with the red "swoosh"!!! I think that should more than qualify me for being a big 80's fan!!! :cool:
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