Atkins Diet?

on 9/20/15 5:11 pm

Hello!  I was un-banded 12 months ago and still have the same comorbidities. I weigh 218 and wonder if I could lose enough weight by doing Atkins. My A1C blood work levels are entirely too high and my diabetes is out of control. I'm looking into RNY for that reason but was hoping I could do this without having another surgery. I'm afraid of not being able to get my A1C levels down before having complications. Has anyone done Atkins with good results?

on 9/23/15 5:25 pm

Well, I've just heard that Atkins is what I should really do for maintaining due to diabetes. And it seems as though no one here has had good results on it. Thanks 

Zee Starrlite
on 10/1/15 12:37 pm
VSG on 06/06/11 with

Always great results with low carb.  The point is can you do it for a lifetime!




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on 10/7/15 6:23 pm

Well, I believe you have to do the same with WLS so if I can lose 50 lbs on Atkins, I would try just as hard to keep it off in maintenance by eating low carbs

Brandi Girl
on 12/11/15 5:28 am
WLS on 10/18/11

You are right! No matter what surgery type you have or by which Dr. Once you have WLS, just like with any 'diet' plan, you MUST continue to avoid certain foods and limit the amount you do eat. Many people on this site will tell you that eating low carb will not help you lose or keep weight off. Well each of us is different. You know your own body. Has cutting carbs in the past helped you lose weight? Doing ANY 'diet'  or surgery requires a LIFE TIME dedication to the plan your Dr. put you on. Best of luck to us all :)



on 12/12/15 10:16 pm

I never lost on low carb dieting, and I need to control my comorbidities as soon as possible. I've backed out of this a couple of times before, but this is not my first rodeo and I will learn by my mistakes.

Kenzington ..
on 12/30/15 8:00 pm - MN

"Low Carb" is pretty vague.  A lot of people fail on Atkins because they end up eating too much protein.  I would suggest you look into "Keto Clarity" by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman.  I can't lose weight on the number of carbs and proteins allowed on Atkins either.  The Keto diet works very well for me - and it's very diabetes friendly. I've also had to figure out that if I eat too much cheese - I just won't lose weight.  You might also have some food intolerances inhibiting your progress.  Just some more things to puzzle out! 

White Dove
on 1/2/16 11:37 am

The only way Atkins works is when you get tired of eating all that protein and then eat so little calories that you lose weight.  Nothing works except eating less calories than you burn.

I read all of Dr Atkins books and that is what he preached.  He also said that there was a 10 percent advantage in staying low carb.

So that means if you lose 10 pounds in a month on a diet with high carbs you will lose eleven pounds if your carbs are low.

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on 10/30/16 11:20 am

I have lost a lot of weight on Atkins , the problem is once you go off it you will gain the weight back plus some . If you choose Atkins it is for life .

Due to my A1C numbers being 5.9 and suffering from low blood sugar drops  I am trying the Keto diet . It has helped me a lot ! I  check my sugar twice a day and it has came down from 133 two hours after a meal to 108 . Fasting has came down from 109 to 101 . Only two weeks into it and I feel so much better

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