Brandi Girl
on 12/12/15 5:11 am
WLS on 10/18/11

I'm posting this question on several different boards to not only try and get some idea's but also to try and get some action going on OH again :D Here are a few of my challenges, any idea's on how others deal with them? And please feel free to list some of your challenges and I will try to offer some suggestions on what works for me.

GOING OUT TO EAT: I admit I did not go out to eat for the first year and a half after my surgery. Mostly because I did not know what to order. Either what I would like or if the food fit into my recommended 'diet plan'. How do you handle eating out? Is there certain 'go to' meals you look for?

UNEXPECTED DINNER GUESTS: When I plan out my dinners I make just enough for my husband and I because our children are all grown. But on the occasions unexpected guest do show up for dinner I am completely unprepared. I am sad to admit I usually fall back on old bad habits such as ordering pizza etc. What idea's might you have and how do you handle this when it happens?

BAD DAY EATING: This is when I have either a bad day at work or end up working VERY late and honestly don't have time to make what I had planned for dinner! I once again fall back to the old habit of fast food!! Ugh. I tell myself the day was so bad I 'deserve' this! Now I know how wrong that is and am working on looking at it with a better point of view, but as for the day being so late I really need some idea's on what others might do differently.

Any idea's or tips would be greatly appreciated!! Wishing us all the best of luck :D


on 12/29/15 8:43 am

Hi Brandi,

I hope your holidays are going well. What I find to be helpful for the individuals I work with is gaining an understanding of the relationship established with food. It sounds like there is an attempt to resist behaviours that are very difficult to do because of the number of drive through venues easy access to food. Understanding your relationship with food can help you to change the behaviours you desire.

Happy holidays,

Susanne Dorder,M.A.

Bine-Eating Disorder/Food Addiction Specialist

Kenzington ..
on 12/30/15 7:56 pm - MN


For going out to eat my go to is a bunless burger and a side of veggies.  For breakfast - eggs and bacon or sausage

For unexpected guests... I'm not entirely sure.  I never have that happen.  I suppose if it were me I'd suggest we go out if I didn't have enough of what I planned for dinner to go around.  In which case - I revert back to my burger choice.  There are often other things at other restaurants I can do..  I like fish and other proteins too but worst case as far as "health" of restaurant choices you can usually get a burger.

Bad day eating.... I wish I had more of an insight for.  I come home from a stressful day and want to inhale food.  Maybe sit down and sip some tea and do some deep breathing first?

Overall - what makes or breaks my success most often is failure to plan.  I did very well when I was diligent about making dinner every night.  Then I got tired.  I don't want to make dinner every night.  I'm tired sometimes you know?  So it helps to have a couple 'easy options' for a night or two. We have scrambled eggs at least one night a week (cheap and very quick)...  I also employ the cook once and eat a couple times plan.  When I cook I don't make enough for just one meal - I prep enough for two and am ready to microwave leftovers. I like making soups/stews - big pieces of meat etc on Sunday afternoons for that reason.  Or stock the freezer with some ready made crock pot meals. 

on 1/7/16 9:34 am

I try to stay away from breads and bad carbs when eating out and I found a carbohydrate blocker that I absolutely love!! I never found one that works this well and ive lost 20 lbs the first 2 weeks. There are so many hidden sugars in all food these days.

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