Did Weigh****chers Work for you?

Marcus C.
on 2/3/16 7:13 pm

Hi Everyone!


I am only about 40 LBS from my goal weight.  I was considering using weigh****chers to try to get there.   Has anyone had any luck or success using this?  I wanted to ask before I waste any money.



on 2/9/16 8:49 pm - Granada Hills, CA

Prior to WLS when I was 380 lbs, I managed to lose 90. But when I tried again after gaining some of it back, nope. Never worked for me again. I tried it once post op and the plan just didn't cause me to lose more than 3-5lbs. 

I've managed to lose 30 lbs of a 70lb+ regain at 4.5 yrs out though by committing my food everyday and not straying from it at all. I've given up sugar and flour and personal binge items. I try to eat protein forward meals but I do eat carbs in 1/2 cup portions 1-2x day. 

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on 2/23/16 9:23 am




on 3/5/16 7:29 pm - Canada

Yes weigh****chers has worked for me. I'm not always the most committed so its been a long haul but I am within 5lbs of my goal weight. What it has taught me is to live like a real person with  all the life challenges that we encounter day to day. I've have lost 83 lbs over 8 years ( & 100 + lbs from my heaviest ever) & yes it would have been nice to reach my goal a lot sooner..... but as I've said, I'm not always the most committed but in the 8 years I've been a member I have never regained more than 3-5 lbs at a time. So it really has taught me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  And I can honestly say it works if you work it! That being said it is a business & they must love members like me!lol.... Good luck  :)

on 3/24/16 6:50 am

Weigh****chers has never worked for me! I have "done" WW at several times in my life, all unsuccessful.  I did lose 90lbs (and kept it off for 2 years) by seeing a dietitian (which utilizes a similar premise of accountability) but meetings did nothing but guilt and shame me and make me feel like a failure.  I have since, regained all my weight and a little more but a lot of that has to do with some medical problems I've had and neglecting the program, if you will, and the emotional trauma that comes with it.

on 7/26/16 6:56 pm

WW never worked for me, but I think I'm kind of a carb addict, so all of the healthy choices and variety presented too many chances to go off plan.  The best thing that's ever worked for me is low cal and low carb.

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