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Jess P.
on 2/9/16 12:39 pm - Fraser, MI
RNY on 10/17/17

Hello everyone. New here to the group but wanted to introduce myself. I'm 37 and a husband & father here in Michigan. I've been obese my whole life as far back as I can remember. I'm looking to gain support from others in my journey to lose and get the weight off. I recently started a healthy way of eating on the no sugar no grains lifestyle and in my first month I lost just under 45 pounds. I'm trying to get my story out to the masses as I feel it's important and I hope that even if it's just one person that I may be able to touch the hearts of and make a change that it was well worth it.I'm not trying to spam the forum at all, I'm just looking for support. I started a podcast on iTunes really getting involved with my struggle with obesity. It's all about me and my struggles with obesity. Being super obese. It really has been an outlet for me to talk about things that I don't normally talk about with others. But I felt that if I was going to succeed that I had to get these story's out in the open. If interested in checking it out please take a look at my profile for the link or search iTunes podcasts for "The Fat Father Chronicles"I hope to build some relationships with you all on your own journeys as having support makes this so much easier for me.Thanks everyone



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on 2/14/16 11:21 pm - Oak Park, IL

WTG Jess! 

Keep up the great work!! 

Peaceful Blessed days to you !


on 5/5/17 3:26 pm - Atlanta, GA

Great job! I wish you continued success on your journey. Was the 45 loss strictly diet or did you incorporate exercise as well?

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