Opifast in Canada

on 2/11/16 7:51 pm

I started on a Optifast program one month ago. It has been nothing but awesome. I have lost about 22 pounds. It was a struggle initially but the clinic kept on top of me. I got calls once a week.....almost felt they were harassing me. I guess food is an addiction and this clinic was like AA for food addicts instead of alcohol. I do get hungry at night...especally tonight while I watch American Idol, but I feel great...light and energetic....i am excited to se the new me in three months. Of note, my diabetes is no more! This is the best part of this......Thank you......

I went to this clinic called Empowered Weight Loss in Brampton.....nice place...the receptionist is a bit goofy though!



on 2/25/16 5:50 am

I'm on Optifast here in the States. I'm actually on 1100 calories a day, due to a starting weight of 351. I lost about 18 pounds in the first 4 weeks, and they did a body composition study so I know it wasn't all muscle mass or water weight. It was 17 pounds of fat, 1 pound of muscle. And I have a LOT of muscle mass, so that's fine.

You said they call every week, do you have to go to the clinic weekly? Well, I guess you have to pick up your food, or maybe they mail it to you? My program is through a hospital, and you have to go in every week not just to pick up food, but to either meet with a doctor of have blood work done, it alternates by the week. Then about once a month they do a body composition check, to make sure you aren't losing too much muscle mass. And you see a dietitian every 6-8 weeks. Then every week there's a group session for an hour, where they talk about a 'healthy eating and exercise' topic for 15 minutes, and then we go around the room and people talk about their weeks, any struggles they're having, any victories they've had, etc. It's pretty good, even though it does take a lot of time out of my work week and I've had to juggle my work schedule around to accommodate it.

HW: 380 SW: 351 CW: 295 GW: 135 -- Third goal 277

on 3/8/16 12:14 pm

I did Optifast program about 4 years ago with a clinic (since closed) lost 58 lbs but alas put it and more back on. I found it a good program for loss, but difficult to maintain the loss, although I would do it again; once I got used to the program shakes, it was 3 mos. of loss, lots of activity on my part (building cottage), and very quick, steady loss. Also found Dr. Goldfarb very helpful when I went there, (a different time, different clinic & separately, for after-follow up and further loss.)  Just costly for the shakes. Think if I did it again, I would transition more carefully and keep it off. Worthwhile overall and learned a lot about managing weight from the full-program. It's been one of the few methods which worked fast and relatively easily for me.


on 3/13/16 2:22 pm

Glad to hear Janet. I am starting Mar 21. So excited for this new start. Hope I can do it. 

on 5/5/16 7:49 am

I just finished my first two weeks of Optifast in Ontario.  First 10 days were rough, and I mean awful! So many emotions, so much anger, it must be like coming off of drugs or alcohol.  Had to admit that I am 100% addicted to food, and it was a hard, hard realization to make.  I feel sorry for my family and students. I was not a pleasant person to be around.  But it's getting better. I still feel very hungry at times, but not all the time like at first, and I'm not so angry at the world. Getting up the stairs at work today seemed a little easier.  I'm going to a program through our local hospital and we meet weekly which helps. Feeling hopeful.

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on 6/15/16 6:37 pm

Hi. I'm thinking about going there. Do you recommend it?  I'm 6 months post pregnancy and need to lose weight badly. 

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