Need Help Losing Weight in Toronto, Ontario

Roberto P.
on 3/21/16 11:09 am, edited 4/11/16 8:18 pm

Hi, I'm looking to begin a new fitness and weight loss journey and begin a healthy lifestyle. I've elected to not undergo bariatric surgery and instead lose the weight on my own. I am looking at connecting with individuals on a similar journey or those that have been on the road to success and can offer support and encourage to help me along my way. 

My name is Roberto, I'm a single man living in Toronto. I am a non-smoker and have no injuries that would prevent me from working out. I do have some mild osteo-arthritis in my knee and hip but that's weight-related. I have lost plenty of weight in the past but always seem to fall back into old habits and gain it back. My main goals are weight loss and to build lean muscle mass and be more cardio fit. 

It would be amazing if I could connect with others willing to help me on my journey as it is much easier to stay motivated that way. Sharing advice, team support, occasional meet-ups, and group work-outs are all good options. If you are on a similar personal health rejuvenation journey and would like to be part of a supportive team would or you can offer your help and support, then please leave me a message and we will take it from there.

Thank you,

Roberto in Toronto


Teena D.
on 11/4/16 5:19 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

I would recommend you check out Dr. jason Fung as he does have a very good program. You can get most of the details at Also, if you're not pursuing surgery, you may find more like minded people at or Good luck on your journey!

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Happily married, mom of 3 teens. On a journey to healthy!

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on 12/20/16 5:33 am

I tried Dr. Jeffrey Brown.Your Body Evolution

Difference in this program is that he not only helps you lose weight by eating normal fooD ( not optimist etc...) He looks at your overall wellness. He addressed my BP my hormones and my lifestyle decisions. He is also about life long wellness, not just immediate weightless. Fees are upfront $125.00/month for counsellors, orientation and vitamins. No hidden cost which I appreciated.

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