Seeking Inpatient Obesity Treatment Center Who Will Except United Health Care, Help Please!

on 5/18/16 11:37 am

Im in search of any recommendations for an inpatient weight loss treatment center either residential or Hospital I live in the Quad Cities Iowa and I need to find a place that will take United Healthcare for insurance. Iof the various doctors in my area that will perform gastric bypass I am at this time solely focused on finding an inpatient weight loss program in a residential or hospital setting. I do not want a half-day program that would require me staying at my house I want a program that would get me out of my house for several weeks for the treatment.  has anyone else ever been to a inpatient weight loss treatment center? can you recommend one? do you have one that you do not recommend? I am needing some help please make suggestions please I need nonsurgical based solutions, no diet pills either! I specifically need info on an inpatient obesity treatment center/weight loss program that is equipped to deal with someone several hundred lbs over weight as I'm 454 (ie they would need to have chairs wide enough to hold me, trainers that would expect me to run as fast as someone 1/3 my size). Help.

Kathy S.
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RNY on 08/29/04 with


The only inpatient program I am aware of is Brookhaven.  Not sure if you can travel out of state or not.  Click the link to the website and see if they accept your insurance.

Keep us posted on how you are doing!


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