No insurance and need to lose 80-100 pounds. Suggestions?

on 4/17/17 11:21 am

I'm needing to lose weight without insurance. (surgery isn't an option bc of no insurance and high cost) What options do I have?

Gwen M.
on 4/21/17 2:36 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Track everything you put into your mouth using something like MyFitnessPal and a kitchen scale. This includes liquids. From there, work on reducing your calories every week by 100/day. So if you're eating 2000 calories a day now, go to 1900 for a week. Then 1800 for a week, et****il you are consistently losing a little weight each week.

Prioritize protein and calorie free liquid, avoid refined and processed carbs, move as much as you can.

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on 4/21/17 3:03 pm

Thank you for the info! I'm going to start and do my best! I have a lot to lose!

on 3/13/18 7:45 am
VSG on 01/12/17

You can do it! Just keep focused and build that habit of tracking what you eat. Honestly, knowing WHAT is going in to your body is the biggest and best step to changing how you eat no matter if you have surgery, or not.

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on 4/25/17 2:00 pm

Try Overeaters Anonymous! I opted for this while going through pre-surgery stuff and have lost 91 pounds in just 9 months! It is not easy, but it is very simple. You can find a meeting at There are no dues or fees, you just a little bit to support the expenses of the group!

on 2/9/18 11:50 am - Whiteville, NC

I had a lap band and had to have it removed because my body rejected it. (Long story)

I gained all of the 60 lbs I had lost back after it was removed.:(

I went to a Seminar conducted by a Surgeon in my hometown who specializes in vascular surgery. It was the most informative 2 hours I have ever spent.

He recommends a Low Carbohydrate Livestyle for health not weight loss (the side effect is weight loss.

My husband had a massive heart attack and we of course were eating as recommended by the heart dr. I had to trick him into going the next seminar. After we got there Doc mentioned Low Carb and if looks could kill I would not be her now!! LOL

After the seminar we got into the truck and he look at me (I am thinking here it comes) and says we are doing this!!

We have been on the Lifestyle for the last 2 years! I have lost around 65 lbs and still have a ways to go! He has lost 35 and is at his steady weight. Our cholesterol is under control and in the best shape in 15 years! The C-reactive protein is down so I do not suffer from the Fibromyalgia and Arthritis like before. I can not say enough about this lifestyle.

We do not miss any of the Carb laden food we used to consume. I have some great recipes in my Facebook group Vera's Low Carb Lifestyle. I eat cheese cake, 'Mock' Apple Crisp with Low Carb Ice Cream, Pizza Casserole, Wraps, Bagels.

Doc recommends a few book called The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by by Stephen D. Phinney and Jeff S. Volek, The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz and Grain Brain by David Perlmutter.

If you want more info let me know.

Vera  LapBand 8/12/2008

on 3/12/18 9:23 pm

Hey! I also have a load of weight to lose (over 100 lbs) and I'm Canadian, so while I may be able to qualify for surgery, I need to wait for a number of reasons: 1) I'm changing provinces in July (moving home!), so I can't even get the process started until I'm in the place where I'd do it, and 2) if they accept me into their program at the one hospital that does it under the provincial health care plan, I'd probably be looking at a two-year wait. So I decided to get started on my own. I started reading about nutrition and weight loss at the end of December and haven't stopped yet! My doctor recommended a book by the leading weight loss expert in the world, Jason Fung, called The Obesity Code, and it's great - a bit dense, but totally understandable. I read a lot about the various diets out there, etc., and what I'm doing is this:

1200 calories/day (don't go any lower than that!). MyFitnessPal adds back the calories you walk or exercise off. I don't eat back what I burn just from regular walking around, but I do eat back more intense exercise (I swim, cross-country ski, and do other cardio)

Basically Mediterranean diet - high protein (more fish than red meat, though), healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, fatty fish like salmon, avocados, etc), Greek yogurt, lots of veg, limited fruit. I also do no carbs except what's in fruit/veg

Cut sugar completely. Included what's added to sauces, dressings, snacks, yogurt, etc.

I'm also going to start intermittent fasting once I've read that part of Dr. Fung's book, haha! I'm not there yet. For me, a huge part of this is about lowering my cortisol and insulin levels. As his book proves repeatedly, Dr. Fung's main point is that it's all about insulin. I also do some things like increase my fibre intake, drink green tea at least once per day, sometimes drink diluted apple cider vinegar, make vegan protein powder shakes, and I'm also taking Metformin, which is a medication to lower insulin. I wasn't quite pre-diabetic, but I'd rather stay that way and my doctor suggested it. It's been exactly 2 months now. There were a lot of tears for the first 3-4 days as I struggled to accept that this was just going to be my life from now on in, but then I just sort of adjusted, and I don't find it anywhere near as difficult as I thought I would! I've lost 30 lbs, or about 3.7 lbs per week on average. I've also fiddled with my macros to try to get the right balance of fat, carb, and protein, but I seem to be in a good spot. It's been working for me, at least, but the big thing is to get your head around it first. Then you'll be able to just do it. I was recommended against the gradual shift down in calories by my doctor. He said that making it harder as you go is an extra hurdle, rather than just dropping cold turkey and then figuring out which liberties you do have left!

Whatever you decide, all the very best to you as you figure out a plan that works for you! I keep saying, I think this process is incredible individual and we all have to try to find something that works for each of us. Good luck to you!

Kathy S.
on 3/13/18 11:43 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Ditto to all the great advice everyone gave you. The biggest thing you can do for yourself is try and identify why you eat in the first place? Head issues are key to why we end up so overweight and can't move. Keep a note pad near you or use your phone and note what just happened and what you are feeling when you find yourself in the kitchen eating mindlessly. You will soon see a pattern, id'ing your triggers. Take that list one by one and apply road blocks. For example if you find you eat a lot in front of the TV, try no****ching the TV and go for a walk. If that is not an option, at least do something to keep your hands busy, like knitting or crocheting. I have a list of things to do when trying to get back on track. While it was written by someone that had weight loss surgery I feel the basics are the same. What you are eating and how much is key to losing but moving is just as important too. If all else fails see if you can find a local pool to walk in.

Here are some suggestions and links to help with your weight loss. Believe in yourself, no one beats us up more than ourselves....


Preparing and planning our meals will increase your chances for success. Go through the house, car and work place and get rid of trigger foods. Stock up on foods that will keep you on track. I removed every bad carb/sugar temptation and replaced it with lots of protein, veggies, grains and fruits.


Get back to journaling. This will help you identify when you feel like eating, stress factors and any triggers in your life. Once you identify these factors, this will help you put tools in place to keep you from eating. It became clear I was not taking time for me anymore. I worked my day job and then spent the rest of my time caring for my husband. It was easy to reach for fast, prepackaged food. Since I purged my home I have to eat clean as there are no other options LOL

Use a tool to track you're eating and exercise like Getting Started with Health Tracker. Once I started to track ever bite and drink it became clear why I had gained.


Make a list of goals for yourself. Make them realistic and small. Some of mine were move more, purge all junk from my home, eat more protein. Create a weight loss bucket list. All the things you only dream of doing when you lose weight. This list will be a great motivator if you find you are struggling. GREAT reminder of all the things you can enjoy in life after losing weight.


Check with your PCP to make sure a plan of high protein and low carbs is healthy for you.


Water is your Best Friend. I have to say I never went back to pop or any bad drinks, however I was drinking tea like crazy. What is wrong with drinking tea? I was either using sugar or 3 equals and 3 sweet n lows per 32 ounce glass. I found once I started carrying one of the metal bottles of water to keep it cold I drank water all day.


I can't say enough about how key this was for me. The reason I kept my weight off for almost 10 years was no matter what, I kept moving. If I could not go to the gym I would walk. Grab a cart and walk all the isles at your local box store. I loved Zumba, bootcamp workouts, lifting weights. When I stopped, the weight started coming back. So for me I am starting slow to avoid injury by walking and using some of the workouts on my Demand TV. Find something you love to do and it won't feel like a pain in the *** to do daily.


Run don't walk to a support group. Come here on OH daily for support and participate in one of the food threads. It helps you be accountable and also great ideas for food prep.

Keep me posted on how you are doing.

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