on 4/20/17 12:08 pm
VSG on 06/01/14

my Ob-Gyn started me on Wellbutrin last year after losing a parent to help me with stress eating. it has helped a bit, but I still have a pretty big appetite and want to possibly try Contrave.

I have read good reviews on it, however my insurance doesn't cover it unless I 'fail' Wellbutrin. since I have been on this road a year and have gained weight in that time, I consider this a failure. i'm seeing my surgeon in 2 weeks to discuss options.

he really wants to revise since the GERD I had pre-op is back. it really never went away completely, but it was definitely much lessened when I was at my lowest weight.

I would like to know if anybody here tried contrave??? let me know your experiences, and whether you would do it again. thanks!

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on 10/6/17 11:28 am

I've done Contrave which is only a combination of welbutrin and an anti-narcotic. The anti-narcotic helps you reassert self-control especially with triggers. I lost a lot of weight up front, but mostly from stomach issues. Once I realized that I needed to eat a small amount throughout the day, the stomach problem went away, but bad habits creeped back in. To save money, I recommend sticking with welbutrin instead of the non-generic Contrave unless you need help working on triggers which should be coupled with cognitive behavioral therapy to make permanent lifestyle changes.

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