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on 4/26/17 12:36 pm - Richland Center , Wi

Anyone currently using optifast? I am doing a week of Slimfast while I wait to get my assessment to be on optifast. Thought this would give me an idea of if I can tolerate the shakes for meals. I need to lose 75 to 100....I'm on metformin to keep my a1c down. Also on thyroid meds. I'm on other meds for depression and anxiety, had heart surgery in January for genetic issue, breast cancer survivor, have chronic back leg knee pain

....I'm a mess. Im a chronic late night overe eater.....I'm 48 and want to be around during to enjoy my future grandkids so I need a huge change.

on 4/30/17 8:13 am

I'm on optifast right now and am just starting my second week. So far, it's fine. I don't feel hungry and feel fine physically. Emotionally, it's tougher. I really love eating, obviously, and feel an irrational hatred towards people who can eat food. I still have to prepare food for my kids and feed my two year old twins so that part is tough. I haven't felt the urge to cheat at all yet, which is good.

I have about 90lbs more to lose now, and have lost 9lbs in the first 9 days on Optifast.

HW: 299 CW: 165 GW: 150

Started Optifast on April 21, 2017 at 248lbs through the Ontario Bariatric Network medical program.

on 5/6/17 2:30 pm

Hello. I am new to this forum and considering Optifast. Anyone doing this program without surgery in their future? I want to try this first.



on 5/9/17 6:32 am - Midland, MI

Hi! I am not doing optifast but I am doing a plan called THRIVE. Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how much this product has helped me. In June they are coming out with a weight loss DFT (patch) but for now I have been doing the program for 6 weeks and feel AMAZING!! I was VERY VERY skeptical. I only tried it because my daughter was doing it and kept bugging me to try. I am so happy I did.

Thrive is premium grade nutrition, it's vitamins & minerals. It's a three step synergetic system that's done within the first 30-40 minutes of your morning routine.

It helps with energy mood support general aches and discomforts weight management , works best when your eating right and incorporating exercise.

100% natural plant based non gmo gluten free diabetic friendly , it has pro & prebiotics , enzymes and what all of that does is helps fill in our nutritional gaps .

Our bodies have no clue how well they're designed to feel due to the over process food that we consume today. Incorporating these three easy steps can help lead to a very happy and healthier lifestyle.

Like I said, I tried it just because my daughter kept bugging me to do so. I have lost 7 pounds in 6 weeks and in JUNE they are coming out with the actual 'weight loss' version of the patch so I am very anxious to try that!

Let me know if you would like a 4 day trial or if you have questions. You can also read more on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Nancy%20Grau


HW 300
/ SW 280 / CW 138 /
GW 140
Hit Goal 4/2/2010

on 8/2/17 8:41 pm

Our bodies have no clue how well they're designed to feel due to the over process food that we consume today. Incorporating these three easy steps....

hmm..or eat real food in an attempt to give the body what it will need for years to come??

on 3/31/18 4:09 am, edited 3/30/18 9:10 pm

Hey, just wanted to see how you've been.

I saw a review about Optifast here and I like that they have a variety of products but I'm a bit concerned about the side-effects. Anyone experienced any?

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