Letter of Medical Necessity

on 9/6/17 2:31 pm

Hello All!

I am brand new to the site here. I'm 32, and I've been heavy all my life. I have arthritis in my knees and have PCOS too. I'm going to my dr on Friday for my annual exam and I'm afraid of the news I'll hear. I have swelling in ky legs and some signs of diabetes so I'm afraid that may be an outcome. I'm also planning to talk to her about Contrave. I've taken Contrave before and lost about 20lbs, but it was expensive and I couldn't afford it anymore. I'm in a better position career wise now and I'm hoping to get back on it. My insurance doesn't cover weight loss medication but would it be possible with a letter of medical necessity?

I also just found that my FSA will reimburse me for a treadmill and fitness tracker with a LMN. Has anyone done this and been successful with getting reimbursed? Being a stepmom and working full time and going to school full time I'm just unable to get to the gym. I don't live where I could walk outside so I feel like a treadmill at home would be great. Being reimbursed would help me afford both the treadmill and fitness tracker.

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