Denied gastric bypass

on 10/8/19 7:03 am

hey all, I was denied 2 years ago for gastric bypass as I was not considered OBESE enough. since then I have gained over 14 pounds even with better diet and exercise.

I have a very hard time staying on track with my exercise being mom to 2 very energetic boys, working full time, etc. Every time I start getting back on track with my daily exercise, my knees give out, my back gives out etc.

I am getting desperate for a better solution to help me start the weight loss, I have fallen into major depression due to my weight, struggle everyday to find clothes to wear to work. never ending battle. tried to get private financing for the gastric sleeve but was denied. Was thinking of starting Bernstein to kick start the weight loss.

182 lbs

4' 11

BMI < 36.8

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 10/28/19 3:47 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

Have you considered having surgery in Mexico? Out-of-pocket costs there tend to be quite a bit lower than they are in the states. There are plenty of people on this boards who've taken that option because they could not afford to have surgery in the US.

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on 1/10/20 3:12 pm

Have you tried resubmitting to your insurance company? or seeing a therapist to tackle some of what you are going through for documentation?

on 2/7/20 7:37 pm


Not knowing all of the variables of your situation, I have found my remedy in a Medically Managed weight loss program offered by our local hospital. By definition this program which is offered nationally, include regular visits with a medical professional with training in working with the obese, in my case an LPN, a Registered Dietician, in my case with a Master's degree from Baylor University, and an Exercise Physiologist, in my case NOT a trainer. The exercise specialist should be able to construct an exercise program to work around any physical issues you may have, the Nutritionist should be able to help you monitor your food and offer alternatives, and the Medical Professional should be able to help you with the mental and physical issues also involved. My team has helped keep me on track for three years this coming April. I've seen steady progress by eating three square meals per day, snacks on a regular basis, and the appropriate exercise for me. The accountability that I receive from these folks have helped me lose over 100 pounds ad I continue to drop. Under the best of cir****tances trying to lose this weight on your own is exceedingly difficult. and it doesn't sound like you anywhere near the "best of cir****tances". Good luck.

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