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on 2/12/20 8:33 am
Topic: RE: Teen weight loss

Hello, I am in the beginning stages of applying for surgery so I am kind of in the same boat you are in trying to find healthier alternatives.

on 2/11/20 3:23 pm
Topic: RE: Fighting weight loss and obesity

This may be a naive question, but did you already have surgery? Is there a reason you would want to prevent weight loss? Like the commenter stated above, make sure you consume more than your calories burned. It sounds like such a predicament to be in! protein shakes with creatine, weight lifting to build muscle and working with a nutritionist may help

on 2/11/20 3:19 pm
Topic: RE: Plant Based

I tried it and I guess I am just a meat-eater because it's all I wanted and I didn't lose much (probably because I gave up too quickly). I do enjoy the plant-based protein shakes from my PCP's office that they recommended. I am hoping for approvals for surgery from my insurance but on a medically supervised diet right now

on 2/9/20 9:54 pm
Lap Band on 11/13/19
Topic: Plant Based

Anyone tried the plant based diet? Please let me know b/c I'm starting next week to help with diabetes and weight loss

on 2/7/20 7:37 pm
Topic: RE: Denied gastric bypass


Not knowing all of the variables of your situation, I have found my remedy in a Medically Managed weight loss program offered by our local hospital. By definition this program which is offered nationally, include regular visits with a medical professional with training in working with the obese, in my case an LPN, a Registered Dietician, in my case with a Master's degree from Baylor University, and an Exercise Physiologist, in my case NOT a trainer. The exercise specialist should be able to construct an exercise program to work around any physical issues you may have, the Nutritionist should be able to help you monitor your food and offer alternatives, and the Medical Professional should be able to help you with the mental and physical issues also involved. My team has helped keep me on track for three years this coming April. I've seen steady progress by eating three square meals per day, snacks on a regular basis, and the appropriate exercise for me. The accountability that I receive from these folks have helped me lose over 100 pounds ad I continue to drop. Under the best of cir****tances trying to lose this weight on your own is exceedingly difficult. and it doesn't sound like you anywhere near the "best of cir****tances". Good luck.

on 1/14/20 10:50 am
Topic: RE: Liquid diet - What did you wish you would have been told before starting?

It will be hard because it is something that is out of the norm... meaning YOUR normal. I was on my pre-surgical diet for 4 months prior to my surgery because of waiting for insurance to approve everything. I was on 2 shakes a day (Breakfast + Lunch) plus a lean protein and Leafy/Green Veggie for dinner. I lost almost 50 pounds prior to surgery. Knowing what I could/Could not eat was surprisingly easier about 3 weeks in when I realized that THIS was how my lifestyle would be once I had the procedure... Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Some of us post-ops go on all liquids to reset ourselves from time to time and it really puts you in the mindset of "This is what I need to do! I am in control and I will not let my "head hunger" control me or my actions. I know I am late to the game with this answer but hoping all is well

on 1/10/20 3:42 pm
Topic: RE: How much water should I drink per day to be healthy?

It depends on how much you weigh, as told by my surgeon. I've heard a few things, half your body weight or 60-70oz are the most I have heard.

on 1/10/20 3:30 pm
Topic: RE: Teen weight loss

Does your doctor have a nutritionist in-house that you can speak to you for your specific needs or concerns? I agree with logging. I have used LoseIt! in the past and it is very helpful with seeing things and showing to my doctor whenever I have been in a funk... Have you had bloodwork recently? are they monitoring various things like thyroid functionality? I would work out constantly but my thyroid was out of wack for a lot of my teens/20's and once I was able to regulate it, things started working and feeling better everywhere else.

If you are cleared to start by a medical professional, ask if you can go on the "Liver Shrinking" diet or Pre Surgical diet... Protein Shake for Breakfast, Protein Shake for Lunch and a 4-6oz lean protein and a leafy or green vegetable for dinner. Typically, that will jump-start weight loss, but you have to stick to it. I was on it for almost 5 months prior to my actual surgery date and lost over 50 pounds (being monitored by my doctor). There were some days where I would swap out a protein shake for another piece of lean protein with a salad but typically, stuck to the typical daily routine. even with going out... if I knew I would be having lunch out that day, I would swap my lunch for dinner.

That incorporated with a light or moderate exercise routine will hopefully get you moving in the right direction if surgery is not for you.

Eating like a bariatric patient doesn't hurt either! High Protein, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Fat

on 1/10/20 3:12 pm
Topic: RE: Denied gastric bypass

Have you tried resubmitting to your insurance company? or seeing a therapist to tackle some of what you are going through for documentation?

White Dove
on 1/3/20 3:22 pm
Topic: RE: Fighting weight loss and obesity

Make sure you are eating more than you burn each day and you will not lose weight

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