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on 5/29/11 10:19 am - NY
I am new to this... and I feel like I have a new question everyday. I am sooooo afraid of falling off the track. I am on stage 3 pureed on some foods.. i only eat eggs... and the rest is liquids.. jellos.. pudding.. etc. What I am wondering is while I was on my liquid diet before the surgery they allowed 2 cups of v8 juice a day. And now I am wondering if its ok with the carbs in it? There 14g carbs and 11g of sugar??? Doesnt sound too good!

So worried about doing the wrong thing.
on 6/4/11 3:37 am - Arlington, VA
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I am a bandster, so my tolerances are different, but I wanted tomething salty/tangy during the pureed stage, and was worried I wasn't getting any veggies.  So I drank V8

I am guessing the numbers you mention are for a 12oz can? Now that you have had the surgery, you probably can't drink the whole thing, at least not all at one time....I think you could take a sip or two and see how you tolerate it.  If all is ok, then keep the servings small, like 2-4 oz?

Check with your NUT to be sure though, and good luck!  
I LOVE V8 and have been drinking it forever, including righ after surgery.  There's a new high fiber V8 which I drink now.  I'm wondering if there will *ever* be a definitive answer/protocol for this surgery as doctors' "rules" vary so widely!  Are you getting tired of eggs and liquids?  When I was newly post op I really loved cottage cheese, yogurt, warmed up refred beans /w cheese and miso soup was a lifesaver!
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