Weigh****chers Diet after RNY?

on 1/26/12 4:50 am - Rochester, NH
I have gained 30 pounds and would like to join Weigh****chers with some fellow employees.
Can we follow weigh****chers and lose weight? Or is our system different. I am thinking of jooining to get motivated with the weekly weigh ins? What do you think?

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on 2/1/12 12:24 am
I think you can, I worked with this lady and she had the RNY some years ago, and over time she to had gain some weight , she went on weigh****chers and lost the weight and got her motivated again. She just ate what she knew her body could handle. I was thinking about doing it myself the only thing holding me back is I get confused with all that point stuff I think it will drive me CRAZY, trying to keep track , but that is me I am not good with writing stuff down. Hoping you get back on track.
on 3/5/12 12:50 pm - IL
I agree with you!  I can't write down everything, go to meetings and afford all the fees and food.  Points and stuff, looks too complicated and time consuming but if you can do it , go for it!  My protein shakes are 2 points and I have them for a meal replacment!  Good for you for wanting to get back into the swing of being healthy!  It's a choice and I'm glad I made it.  I can help out if you'd like!  It's much less costly than WW!!  I love to save money too. This is just so awesome! 
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