Pre-op liquid diet

on 5/4/12 12:37 pm
 I am on the 2 week Pre- op liquid diet before my revision surgery to rny. Has anybody cheated on this diet. I'm so hungry and bad headaches. I have to eat something!!
on 5/7/12 2:03 am
I cheated about 1 week into it...BIG mistake.  I got to experience my first "dumping" episode.  I felt so horrible, like I had poisoned my body.  It is not worth it.  Good luck on your surgery! Stay strong!
(deactivated member)
on 5/19/12 2:55 am - NC
i am day 2 and i also have bad head aches and thr ruins............i sure hope this gets better
(deactivated member)
on 6/2/12 1:10 pm - NM
I have a great diet plan for pre or postop and it has things to help you control hunger..and because it gives you what your body needs it helps to eliminate those cravings for not so good stuff lol email me if you want more [email protected] [email protected] also are you takin in enough water..caffeine or sugar withdrawals will definiely do it..make sure you are getting enough water and hang in should pass within a week or so
on 5/19/12 1:45 pm - LINCOLN, NE
 You can get headaches by cutting out caffeine if you are used to it.  Nasty ones.  Is that your problem?


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