Preop full liquid diet question!!

Angie L.
on 2/19/13 3:19 am - Pittsville, WI
RNY on 03/18/13
Can i have fruit smooties as part of preop? Its just fruit and milk pureed. no added sugars...

on 2/28/13 9:19 am, edited 2/28/13 9:20 am - AK

I'm just now starting solid foods after my full liquid diet and I would say GO SLOW with the fruits; and pick ones that have either NO seeds or very few. OH and make sure you slap some protein in it too. :-) plus you still need to watch the carbs and fruit can have lots of carbs. Good Luck!

on 3/2/13 12:47 pm - CA

I have had the same question - since I can have yogurt, I figure I can have smoothies with protein powder in them.

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