Help with MyFitnessPal!!

on 10/20/14 5:34 am

I have just joined my fitness pal, and after putting in my weight and height, the app has my daily calories at 1,870!!! This seems quite high to me. My weight loss goal is 1 pound a week. I decided to make it a low goal due to metabolic issues (PCOS and insulin resistance). To those of you who are familiar with this app, are calories typically so high?? Thanks!

on 10/20/14 5:41 am

Forgot to add I was banded in 2005 and haven't had a fill since 2009. Weight is 225 and height is 5'3. 

Stacy H.
on 10/23/14 5:14 am - Cumberland, IN

That seems high to me. I'm 5'2.5" and 178 and mine is currently set at 1340/day (although I usually eat less). If you want to add me my username there is stacyjh1979. I would need more specifics to give a suggestion but that does sound high.

Stacy :) RNY 9/7/2005

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on 10/23/14 5:22 am

Hi Stacy! I sent u a friend request on MyFitnessPal. Yes, I couldn't believe when I saw those numbers but I must admit I'm feeling a lot better now that I've started eating a bit more.  

Amy K.
on 10/30/14 11:36 am - Tucson, AZ

That seems really high to me. Have you consulted your nut? Do you want to lose weight or maintain? 

High Weight: 264, BMI 46.8, Surgery Date: July 1, 2014, weight 227, BMI 40.2


on 10/30/14 12:08 pm

Hi Amy! I am attempting to lose weight. I've been tracking my food, and I never reach that number of calories, but I am more conscious of my eating, and I've noticed that I'm not feeling faint and dizzy or experiencing headaches anymore now that I've started eating a bit more. I have a band, but it stopped working several years ago due to a slow leak. My surgeon refused to do band revision and wanted me to have revision surgery and get the sleeve. However, I was not and am not interested in that. At this time, I have no desire to try wls again. Although I have PCOS, insulin resistance, and a thyroid disorder, I would like to try tracking my food to see if this will help me lose and maintain weight loss w/o surgery. If I am unsuccessful, perhaps I will reevaluate my decision. 

Amy K.
on 10/30/14 12:14 pm - Tucson, AZ

Do you know how to adjust the calorie goal in MFP?  If not, its in over at the bottom right where it says "more" then under goals.  Do you use FitBit or Map My fitness apps?  If so, you can also sync those.  Happy to help if you need anymore info on MFP. 


High Weight: 264, BMI 46.8, Surgery Date: July 1, 2014, weight 227, BMI 40.2


on 10/30/14 1:51 pm

Amy, no, I had no idea! Thank you so much for sharing this info! I only have MFP at this time.Thank you!!!

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