5 day pouch test

on 1/4/15 8:35 am - NC

I am getting ready to do the pouch test.  Any help or suggestions appreciated. 



Gwen M.
on 1/5/15 1:00 am
VSG on 03/13/14

My advice?  Don't do it.  It's no better than any fad diet that you did pre-op.  Instead, start measuring and logging everything you put into your mouth with something like MyFitnessPal.  From there, work on getting back to your basics.  Here are my basics, yours might be slightly different:

1. Prioritize protein and water
2. Deprioritize carbs, especially the refined and processed ones
3. Make the most of healthy fats
4. Eat three meals a day with no snacks
5. Avoid liquid calories (breakfast protein shake is the exception)
6. Weigh portions
7. Eat mindfully and with no distractions aside from real live people
8. Move as much as possible
9. Weigh myself daily
10. Be kind to myself

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T Hagalicious Rebel

on 1/5/15 1:13 am - Brooklyn
VSG on 04/25/14 with

Ditto what Gwen said. I never did the pouch test but from what I heard it's just another fad diet. Are you in a stall?, trying to jump start your weight loss? Getting back to basics should help & logging everything should help you to see where you need improvement. Check with your dr/nutritionist & explain why you want to do that test, they should be able to give you better suggestions.

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on 3/16/15 6:47 am
VSG on 06/03/14

I went in for my 9 month check-up and my doctor recommended the 5 day pouch test. He recommends that patients follow it every three to four months. It really seems like a fad diet, but I guess I'll give it a try since the doctor recommends it. Maybe I'll lose some water weight.

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on 1/7/15 1:35 am, edited 1/7/15 1:36 am - NJ
VSG on 12/05/12

I am on day 3! I am down 2lbs so far (I didn't want to weigh myself but silly me did)

Monday and Tuesday were the same

B protein shake

L pureed soup with protein powder

D pureed soup with protein powder / sipped on a lower  cal protein shake because I worked 13.5 hours that day

Snack I had sugar free jello mixed with unflavored protein powder to give me extra protein

today I had the lower cal protein shake for breakfast

lunch I just had not even 1/2 cup of pureed soup with protein powder and not even a fully tuna patty I made, which was smaller than the size of my palm.

not sure about dinner or the rest of the week yet - but all similar. its really not bad.



Willie H.
on 1/8/15 6:06 am
VSG on 08/26/14

I was in a stall and considered doing the pouch test but instead I just went back to basics of what to eat for our first week - a lot of fluids, protein, clear liquid soups, pureed food, also food like cottage cheese, eggs, tuna, chicken salad and No or very LITTLE Carbs. For just 3 days I used protein drinks for my first two meals of the day and then had a nice balance dinner and snack. I broke the stall by losing 5 lbs which stayed off! This was a few weeks ago. When I stalled again, I tried this again and it did not really work so I came to the conclusion that our bodies will drop weight when it is suppose to. Just stick with the program, exercise, eat right and the weight loss will come and will probably be more healthy for us-as far as our health and skin rebounding back. I just have to put clear in my mind that there are no short cuts. Fad diets, quick diets, starving myself, fasting and eating only certain foods are what got me here in the first place. Exercise, eat properly, hydrate and eventually the lbs will come off. And even when they do not the inches are slowly melting away. As the Dr said on YouTube "Stalls are certain, and they are necessary. It is how our bodies adapt and adjust" Slow, consistent and easy is the way. A year from now, 6 months from now,  even 3 months from now, the lbs may or may not be off, but I'll be  healthier, I'll look better, and feel better than I am now if I keep working the program.  We are not in a fast paced race, but a marathon toward good health.

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