Pre-Surgery Meal Prep Ideas

on 6/25/17 10:32 am - Millington, TN

Hello. I started the process of seeing if I'd qualify for WLS in September 2016. It has been a long process, but I completed my 6-month diet and exercise plan with my PCP plus the additional requirements in order to submit to my insurance company for approval. My insurance company approved my surgery in mid-May and I just had the labs and EGD about two weeks ago. I have an appointment with my surgeon 7/5 to go over all these results and see if we can schedule my surgery. I'm so excited to have surgery, and I've worked so hard and waited so long, but it seems the closer I get the more I keep falling back into old/bad habits.

I started at 505. I got down to 471 at one point, but I've crept back up to almost 485. I have a feeling he's going to tell me I need to lose more weight before we can schedule my surgery so I'm trying to get a jump on some easy meal prep ideas for breakfast and lunch that I can pack and take to work with me. Those seem to be the two meals that cause me the most trouble.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Cathy H.
on 6/27/17 12:53 pm
VSG on 10/31/16

ceejae124, this board doesn't get a lot of activity. You might have better luck if you post in either the General Discussion board, or the one specific to whichever surgery your are having. Good luck!

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