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on 7/21/17 10:26 am


I'm looking for suggestions on good Protein shakes I can use. Looking for the powder so I can make my own, and not something that is going to break the bank on a monthly basis. Also looking for suggestions on how people mix the shakes. Do you mix with fresh veggies or fruits and make a smoothie or just drink on its own?

Thank you

on 7/23/17 7:42 am
VSG on 04/30/14

In my kitchen I currently have:

Syntrax Chocolate Truffle protein

Syntrax Caramel Macchiato Protein (contains caffeine)

Syntrax Vanilla Latte Protein (contains caffeine)

Syntrax Unflavored Protein

I usually mix 1/2 unflavored + 1/2 scoop of any of the others with: 1C unsweetened almond milk, 1 TBSP ground flax meal, around 50g plain skyr or greek yogurt, 2.5 oz strawberries and cinnamon. Very filling, tasty and a great way to get protein in plus a little fiber.

Other times I'll blend cold brew coffee with a scoop of flavored protein and a big dollop of plain skyr/greek yogurt. I like the Syntrax brand a lot, including their Nectar flavors (roadside lemonade, red grapefruit, lemon tea) and will mix those with water and always a greek yogurt/skyr addin for creaminess.

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on 7/28/17 4:47 pm

Thank you for the tips! I just posted my need for protein as I am losing my hair. Any ideas about my hair loss?

on 7/28/17 5:32 pm
VSG on 04/30/14

Not sure how far out you are but if you are within the first year post-op it's going to happen so just bear with it. I have thin hair to start with and did lose quite a bit especially in front above the temples (sort of the top 'corners' of my forehead area). It's a combination of anesthesia, surgical shock to the body plus a dramatic reduction in calories that your body is reacting to. It'll pass. Hang in there.

Use this as a good time to try a new cut to go with the new body. I got a rocking pixie cut (from a bob) and I love it. Plus it helps get through this phase. Besides that keep up your protein and vitamins but really there is no magic fix.

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on 8/9/17 4:21 pm

Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you soooooo very much. Maybe I should try a new haircut. Brilliant!! I should have thought about this as an option. I've changed my way of thinking, my choices and in turn, my body, I think I'll make an appointment tomorrow.


Thank you!

on 8/9/17 4:33 pm
VSG on 04/30/14

Good for you!!! I applaud your willingness to make the change. Some women get very stuck in having a certain length of hair and when it thins (whether via surgery or life) won't change it.

I felt so awesome after changing my hair and the layers hid any thinning issues I had, plus I think I got it colored/highlighted so it added a bit of texture. I've kept the cut since then and it really accentuates my cheekbones and narrower neck. Plus, it was like a tribute to my new way of living/eating. Changes all over the place!

Look at some websites to see what you might like but also, if you really trust your stylist, see what they recommend. good luck!

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on 12/28/17 10:06 pm

Hi there, I think you can try soymilk and carrot juice.

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