Unjury and high sodium?

on 7/24/17 9:29 am - Calimesa, CA

Now that I am getting back to basics to counteract my 40-lb weight gain, I am really working on upping my protein and highly reducing my carbs (just like right after my RNY). I ordered my favorite protein powder from Unjury, the chicken soup flavored, because it is so delicious and I can add it to so many things. However, as I am inputting my foods into MyFitness Pal, I have realized the sodium content is incredibly high! (770 mg for 1 scoop). I am exceeding over 3000mg sodium a day. Plus, Unjury is still as expensive as ever. Anyone have a recommendation for something similar that has less sodium? TIA!

Pre-RNY Weight: 280 lbs (09/14/05)

Lowest Post-Op Weight: 148 lbs

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Pre-Keto Weight: 192 lbs (12/11/17)

Current Weight: 148 lbs (08/10/18)

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on 7/24/17 11:35 am - KS

Sorry, I can't help much on offering other choices. Besides, I'm a salt addict, so sodium is my constant companion. However, I've never heard of chicken soup flavored protein powder. Can you tell me how you use it or what you put it in? Or do you just drink it dissolved in water like bouillon, or, duh, like chicken soup?

on 7/24/17 11:58 am - Calimesa, CA

Hi Sally! Both, actually! For example, yesterday I put 1 1/2 scoops in 8 ounces of chicken broth, and I put 2 scoops in 1 lb of ground turkey for my turkey burgers! It really kicked up the flavor of my turkey burgers, which I usually find blah. Just the 2 1/2 scoops added 50g of additional protein. I'll add a scoop into any of my homemade soups or stews when I make them in cooler weather.

I love love love love Unjury, it has the best taste hands-down of any protein powder I have tried plus it is medical-grade protein and was recommended to me by my bariatric surgeon in 2005. However, it is pricey, and again high in sodium.

Am I overthinking the sodium issue? With trying to get in all the protein, keep my fats at a reasonable level, my carbs as non-existent as possible, am I being unrealistic on the sodium?

on 7/24/17 11:01 pm - KS

Sounds good. As far as the sodium goes, I'm no expert. Some people can tolerate it and some can't. I know to cut back if my bp is up or I'm retaining water, but I would choose to eat salt over sweet anytime. So far, I haven't been told to limit it. When I gave blood a week ago my bp was 110/75, I think. A far cry from the day of my surgery - I was put in ICU afterward for bp of 200 over something!

on 7/25/17 8:30 am - Calimesa, CA

I think I'm not going to try not to stress about it - I'm doing a good job staying within all my other macro limits. Maybe I just want to beat myself up over SOMETHING, I don't know. LOL

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