Protein and Carbohydrates for a 5 year post op Gastric Bypass Patient?

on 8/2/17 1:31 pm - Midville, GA

Hi I was wondering I am 5 years post op and am wondering what should my protein intake be per day in grams and what should my carbohydrate intake be per day in grams? Thanks for your help. I have regained 70 lbs over the past 2 years and I am trying to get back on track. Thanks again. God bless!

on 8/2/17 6:46 pm

it sounds like you want to lose what you have gained? has the first issue been too many sweets, or too much processed i.e. pizza, etc? can you point to why the gain occurred..was it 35 lbs a year slowly, or quickly in year 2?

If you are eating high quality protein (of all kinds) then the minimum for men-not bariatric- is 56gr (per but I know 70-80 gr per day is absolutely advised for LIFE per the bariatric nutritionist I talked with in discussion of RNY recently.

I know most protein is dense enough to keep me satiated longer, and putting protein powder into whatever else you eat-soup, shakes, in hot cereal, or a quality yogurt works, even with a 1/2 cup if you like cream of wheat, or grits and add 1 scoop =7 -11 gr -protein powder to it, it all adds up.

but the body will not have issues without any 'specific number' of carbs..which tend to activate insulin response, so you get hungry faster/BG goes up. (one potato is = to 6 cubes of sugar in how the pancreas reacts to it. but protein won;t do that.


I'm researching quite a bit on all bariatric and am possibly leaning to an "endoscopic gastric sleeve procedure that sews a smaller stomach (no surgery, no stomach removed) so the post op for life diet is the same..getting protein first.

H.A.L.A B.
on 9/1/17 5:04 pm

since you are researching - look at food insulin index.

A while back , I was really surprised taht eating low fat ,easy to digest proteins only meal could cause a significant RH (reactive hypoglycemia)_Only when i realized that we need insulin to process the proteins made me understand the issue, and correct it. The worse were easy to digest and absorb protein drinks. Or lean (low fat) foods with protein powder added.

Whey or egg white protein powders can cause a very significant insulin spike in healthy humans - not even obese, or post op WLS.

post op RNy - My body making even more of that, because the proteins woudl enter my small intestine almost immediately after I drank it, and since they were very easily absorbed - my blood protein would spike, spiking my insulin. and I woudl crash and I had to eat carbs to recover from the BS crush.

only when I switched to "real" dense protein sources,and added some fat to the mix - I was able not only to avoid the BS fluctuation, but that method kept me full longer, so I was able to eat less calories and lose some of a regain I had much faster.

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