Seeking Delicious Shakes w/Out Caffeine

on 9/13/17 12:31 pm

I love Click, but everything they sell is loaded with caffeine! Recommendations please! :)

on 9/17/17 2:00 pm - Gastonia, NC

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on 9/22/17 1:20 am, edited 9/28/17 12:45 am

In the past I had some problems with weight loss. So, I decided lose some weight. I found one diet, where I needed to eat only fruits and vegetables. I decided to try it. So I started to be a vegan, and prepared snacks for lunch which I put to special lunch boxes which I found on if you want to lose weight you can use vegetable diet.

on 10/17/17 10:47 am

I like the Orgain protein shakes very much. You can get this at Costco or order on line. I like them as they don't have a lot of additives/garbage and taste pretty decent. I add a little vanilla. They come in Chocolate and Vanilla. Sometimes I will add a half of banana and I use almond milk so very low in calories as well.

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