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Emelinda D.
on 10/2/17 8:22 am - Winter Haven, FL

Since having gastric bypass in 2009, I lost over 200lbs but I've gained like 80lbs back. Can anyone tell me a successful diet they've been on? I need to lose this weight! Thanks in advance

Cathy H.
on 10/7/17 9:50 am
VSG on 10/31/16

You'll have better luck posting this in the RNY forum.

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Keith L.
on 10/23/17 8:24 am - Navarre, FL
VSG on 09/28/12 with

I have moved over from standard low carb to the Keto diet. The higher fat diet is very satisfying and curbs most of my boredom eating.

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on 10/23/17 9:29 am - San Jose, CA

I did the 5 day reset test and It worked for me. It basically helped with my cravings for sugar and bad carbs. I also had my rny 08/2009 and have regained 20lbs. I am down 10 lbs so 10 more for me till I reach my goal weight. I grazed all day with junk food. I mean all day. You can do this. It's hard but if you go back to the basics you will loss weight. Please check with your doctor thou. Alot of people out there says it doesn't work but I helped me get back on track. I do the 5 day reset like 2 x a month. It's been almost a month since I haven't had any junk food such as pies, cakes, crackers, candies, bread and pastas. It worked for me. Good luck and hope all goes well. I know it's very depressing. well, at least it was for me. I'm back on track and now went back to my food journal and portion control. I weigh my food now and I do not eat anything over 2 oz. I mainly eat alot of vegetables, very little fruit. because i know my pouch still works I blend mines. I know it goes right through me but at least i have nutrients from it.

(deactivated member)
on 1/24/18 10:37 am

May be you should try HCG diet. it is one of the most successful diet for weight loss aspirants. My mom lost 90Lbs in 5 months using this diet. This diet consists of 4 phases. You can get some information from here on each phase. Make sure you need to use diet drops to control your hunger. Else its impossible to be in 500 calorie diet protocol. I still remember this site where i bought hcg drops for my Mom. These drops controls your appetite. Feel free to question anything related to this diet. I have lot of information..

Thank you.

Emelinda D.
on 1/24/18 10:41 am - Winter Haven, FL

Hi and thank you so much! Any information you have I would love to have. U can send it to my email which is [email protected] or you can add me on Facebook, just look up Emelinoa Davis. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank u so very much!!

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