what are you eating 3 weeks post op???

on 11/11/17 4:08 pm
VSG on 11/01/17

I have been told by several people that the "diet" my doctor put me on is crap!!! what were you eating starting on day 21 post op??? I have gone through several menus, and I do not want to push myself to much!!

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on 11/12/17 5:55 pm
RNY on 10/16/17

My doc put me on soft foods. If it can be smashed with a fork I can eat it. I have egg and cheese for breakfast usually. For lunch I have chicken salad on Parmesan cracker and Greek yogurt that I make with my instantpot. Dinner has been turkey and cottage cheese or more chicken salad. I add protein powder whenever I can. I can't drink protein shakes they make me gag. I am four weeks post op as of tomorrow. I will be starting regular food next week.

on 11/13/17 12:17 pm
VSG on 11/01/17

I just bought my self an instantpot on Friday.. . Can't wait to use it.... I think tonight I will try chicken...

I did not start pasta today.... but I did eat some fruit

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on 11/13/17 1:23 pm
RNY on 10/16/17

You should join the instantpot group on here. Lots of great recipes

on 11/20/17 9:27 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

You should never start pasta!! Eliminate refined carbs during the losing stage.

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 11/25/17 5:05 am
VSG on 11/01/17

I am learning that... sadly it is on my list

on 11/15/17 5:48 am - Putnam, CT
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I recommend you check out the world according to eggface Shelly has tons of different recipes for all stages of WLS.

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on 11/25/17 3:08 pm

Day 21,.... I was on only soft foods, no meats unless baby food..My goals were 90 grams protein a day and 40 oz of water daily. take it slow and easy, You are not in any race. as long as your energy levels are adequate, no muscle weakness, tolerance to what you are eating is ok, and no nausea.. You will find foods that your pouch/stomach does not like or tolerate soon enough... My biggest problem was chicken...and in it was the hidden fat between the layers of muscle...I became the picky eater..I had detested, who picks apart each bite before i put it in my mouth....but my nausea stopped.. Eat very slowly. chew very well. separate foods from fluids to keep from stretching your pouch early...

You have a wonderful tool. It will be the most valuable one you will have, after you learn how to properly care for it. Follow your surgeons instructions to take care of it and you long term. I am 23 years post op, the surgery you had and More....my advise.... Success will come. Yes weight loss slows... watch those calorie counts...keep closest count on protein, water and carbs. Begin some kind of activity 3 times a day.... to get stronger, to build muscle and to boost to higher metabolism thru(much of) the night...(my last one at night is isometrics- 10 min tops)

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