Herbal supplements for inflamation?

on 11/28/17 1:43 am

I had RNY done in 2015. Recently, my joints have become very painful and swollen. I have OA and am using Neurontin for nerve damage and Cymbalta for several reasons. I also have spinal and knee problems for which I'm having steroid shots near the spine and possible nerve blocks (genicular ablation) in my knees. Currently wearing wrist splints for carpel tunnel, my fingers are numb , tingley and painful. We're taking easy approaches to these issues first, at a pain clinic.

I can't take nsaids, and I'm allergic to sulfa drugs...he wanted to try Turmeric but remembered it could cause bleeding. While I wait for my next appointment, do any of you use any herbal supplements for inflammation? Or foods?

on 12/8/17 8:59 pm

Here you can find some foods that could be useful for you https://steroidssaleguide.com/natural-steroids-best-remedies -for-inflammation-and-female-diseases/. Essential oils with anti-inflammatory effect are also listed.

on 1/2/18 10:37 pm

Thanks, Kinne, for sharing your experience! Here is the link featuring some natural alternatives to steroids for inflammation: https://www.essentialoilsus.com/natural-alternatives-steroids-inflammation/

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