Homemade broth VS Store bought.

on 2/24/18 6:44 pm

I am looking to make some broths before I have VSG.

In your opinion which one is better? The homemade or store bought?

I am thinking about bone broth and veggie broth. I just can't seem to find what the best for you is and why. I will be freezing some if I do make it in the instapot

Thank you very much :)

on 2/25/18 1:15 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

I went to Au Bon Pain and bought the broth off of thier chicken noodle soup. Far tastier than canned and no work required on my part.

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on 3/1/18 2:01 pm, edited 3/1/18 6:01 am
RNY on 02/26/18

Bone broth is much better for protein levels, collagen which is good for healing etc. This is the recipe I use in my instant pot. I would choose to use less of the salt because post op right now I'm sensitive to it, but I also use a garlic salt medley as part of my spices. I made a few batches, after skimming the fat once it chilled I froze it in ice cube trays so it was about 2tbsp in each. That has worked out because two equal a quarter cup which is how much broth I was told to take in per serving. It?s a great recipe...you can skip all their experimenting and go straight to the recipe if you hit the jump to recipe tab just under the description. Oh! Also I didn't use chicken feet because it creeps me out I just used a turkey carcass I had frozen and still got great gelatinous results.


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on 3/30/18 3:20 pm
imho, homemade broth taste better than store bought
on 8/13/18 6:22 pm
VSG on 05/23/18

I tried making my own ahead of time. I am a decent cook, but I found that buying low sodium soup in a can and draining off the solids worked best for me. I know that's kind of lazy but for a working gal trying to get all your liquids in and getting a decent flavor, this is what worked best for me. Just an option.

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