Keto Diet

on 5/20/18 12:47 pm

Newbie here - sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I am on the Keto diet and doing well. Can I stay on it post surgery? I like the diet and it seems to fit my lifestyle, BUT, I will change if necessary to another diet if it means getting the Fat under control.

Anita Jo
on 5/22/18 2:02 pm - Elmira, NY

i been doing keto for a year now. and i do intermittent fasting for 16 hours i have lost over 40 pounds. my rny was 2003. i am now 152 pounds.

on 8/13/19 1:01 pm, edited 9/27/19 4:48 am

Wow, looks like i should also start keto + intermittent fasting + gym 2-3 times per week

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(deactivated member)
on 6/15/18 4:49 am

Keto diet is extremely popular and people, who follow it, never forget to rave about it. This diet helps reduce anxiety, fuels workouts, uplifts mood and helps in getting ripped. What you might not be aware of is that keto diet can also help significantly relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. So, now you can do away with those pesky mood swings and cramps you fear about every month with keto diet, but only when you are following it the right way.

on 7/4/18 9:25 am

I am on a Yogic diet, and I have got wonderful results.

Yoga is an ancient practice. It has all along insisted on a healthy, non-stimulant, vegetarian diet. Yogic diet gratifies three primary conditions.

1. It helps to nourish the body. It gives all the required nutrients to the body.

2. It's a pure vegetarian practice.

3. It is pure and non-stimulating.

As per medical science, if food gratifies the condition first as explained above, right then it is suitable for consumption. But yoga, being a subtle science, makes subtle distinctions. Proper food is the first requisite of a person.

on 7/13/18 2:03 pm
VSG on 11/21/16

Be careful overdoing the fat on Keto post WLS. Over 85% of bariatric patients either have had, or will have their gallbladder removed within a year of their WLS. Plus, we have an abundence of fat so we don't need to add much more. Also, remember your surgeon wanted you on Protein first. So a regular keto diet may not cut it for you.

Liz J.
on 7/23/18 12:21 pm - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

If you're on Facebook you may want to search for a Weight-loss Surgery and Keto Group. You have to adjust the Keto for the surgery you've had. It's still protein in first, then low carb vegetables, and last fats. The percents are not the same due to how our bodies have been changed.

I've been on Keto, had some breaks doing this time, for just over a year and I'm less than 10 pounds for my wish weight. I hit my 3 year goal weight at 18 months, thanks to Keto.

HW: 398.8 SW:356 GW: 175 CW:147

Dayna B.
on 8/21/18 12:49 pm - Clearwater, FL

Hi there,

Do you have any meal plans that you've used while on the Keto diet? I had lap band surgery 12 yrs ago and tend to see-saw a little bit, but usually hover between 25-35# above my goal weight. I hit goal a couple years ago, but that was after a pretty grueling year of breast cancer treatment, a divorce and moving to a new city, so I knew I wasn't reaching my goal the right way.

I STILL want to lose it, but have challenges.... I travel for work and live out of an "extended stay" type hotel weekly... so I do have a kitchen that I can cook in, but I am single and I work A LOT, so I don't want to spend all my free time cooking. I made some egg bites and chicken salad last weekend and packed them, so they are helping, but I could really use some more ideas geared for our tiny tummies....

Thank you!


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Liz J.
on 8/22/18 7:12 am - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

So, I have a bunch of go to meals. First if you travel a lot but have a car you might want to get an air fryer, it's great for a ton of stuff. I'll list a few of my low-carb go food for you...

Chicken salad w/avocado (105g chicken/20g mayo/15g dill relish) 1/2 an avocado

egg salad (I make eggs in my air fryer, 16 minutes at 250) (2 eggs/20g mayo/2 slices of bacon)

broccoli, chicken, Alfredo bowl from healthy choice (190 calories/4 net carbs/28protein)

Mini pizza made in mushroom caps (large mushroom cap/low carb pizza sauce/mini peperoni/mozzarella cheese)

Kirkland Protein bars- under 4 net carbs and 20 protein at 220 calories or less

cucumber & tomatoes snack w/ranch dressing and a tuna packet

Fake Frappe- 8 oz cold brew (or instant) coffee, 1 tablespoon stevia, 1 chocolate premier protein shake, 4 ice cubes and toss in freezer for 45 minutes. YUM! Can also be done with caramel. (I have one every day for breakfast and it's cheaper than Starbucks!)

You just need to find about 5-10 things you can rotate with other meals.

Good luck.

HW: 398.8 SW:356 GW: 175 CW:147

on 10/9/18 7:37 pm

Hi all,

I am also on the keto diet and researching about getting a gastic band. Could anyone suggest some salty snacks that are ok to have


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