Detoxifying the body

on 8/30/18 11:09 am

Hey you guys! I'm currently at 245 Pounds!! I'm 6'1 tall! SO I'm clearly overweight!!! I was starting about losing weight and I jumped to this detoxifying your body stuff! Anybody has experience about these?

Gwen M.
on 8/30/18 6:27 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Assuming you have a fully functional liver, there is no need to "detox" the body. That's your liver's job.

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on 9/4/18 5:54 am
VSG on 05/23/18

I agree. There is no need to detoxify. There is also no need to change your bodies pH or anything like that. Those are all fads and not safe or healthy ways to lose weight. You did not mention if you were a bariatric patient or not, so I'm going to assume you are not. If that is the case then you have not had any of the guidance we have received as far health and nutrition. You need to follow a healthy diet. If you watch the posts on here you will see that we are constantly talking abou****er, protein, fats, and carbs/sugars. These are the basic tenants of our diets and it works, and it's healthy. So...I would suggest you do what we are doing. Drink half your weight in ounces of water. 245lbs = 120 ounces of h2o daily. Cut out soda, caffine, diet soda, juices, and any sugary drinks. We are told not to drink our calories. Protein is your new friend. ALWAYS eat protein with every meal. Eat it first and make it the majority of your meal. Lean meats are better obviously, but you do need variety. Protein fills you and is your bodies new basic fuel over sugar and carbs. There a ton of amazing reasonable products now that make this super easy. This site has listed a ton of them and they making in between meal protein a cinch. Fats are needed too but healthy ones. Not margarine or deep fried anything. Lastly sugar and carbs. Yes you need these, but we are asked to drastically minimize them in our diet. So yes that means no pasta, bread, sweets, many packaged foods. Learn to read the package labels and it will help a lot. Then there's timing. We are asked to eat frequent small meals. So ever 3 hours(no eating in between) eat a small (200) calorie meal. Sounds odd but it works. By doing this you keep your metabolism going (read fat burning) and you don't get hungry. Two very key points in making this work.

I know this looks like a long list and I don't mean for it to sound preachy cuz it's not, but this question has been posed to me a ton of times once I started losing weight and so many folks want to find a quick fix and they think these cleanse diets will work. They don't. But eating healthy, clean, nutrient packed foods on a timed schedule, drinking healthy, and being more mindful, along with simply moving more, all add up to real weight loss and overall better health in the long run. A better overall lifestyle that is maintainable too. Those cleanse diets will tell you to only do them for short periods of time because they are unhealthy and could hurt your body if you do them over a long time frame. That alone should tell you to stay away.

So if you are not a bariatric patient, you just got your presurgery lecture in a micro it can find finer details online, exact sugar/carb, fat, and protein numbers to follow to make it easier and alot of us use a tracker too. Baritastic, myfitnesspal, or caloriecounter are all good options. They each have thier good and bad points but it's helpful to keep track and monitor yourself, it keeps you focused on the goal..

Sorry for the longwinded message but I think you need to go about this safely. Talk to your doctor and look up this diet we are all on, or the south beach, or even the keto. Best of luck to you, you can do it and you can do it healthily.

(deactivated member)
on 10/30/19 8:28 am, edited 11/3/19 9:14 pm

Which supplements and vitamins do you think might help with it? I have been looking for some at Canada Drugs, for example. But I would like to get some recommendations and tips from you here, guys

on 2/19/20 7:59 am

I suppose supplements and vitamins might help you in detoxifying your body stuff. But be careful while choosing a source you would like to order them, I can recommend which offers products of high quality and also you can be advised the best medicine for you in case you have doubts.

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