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1. At some point in time, have you regained at least 50% of the weight you lost post surgery?

2. What do you believe are contributing factors?

3. How are you addressing or did you address the regain?

I think this is a good topic, because many of us are/were ashamed that after taking such a drastic measure, we were moving back in the wrong direction. Post surgery regain is far more common than one would think.

At one point, I gained 80 of the 150 pounds I lost, exercised like a maniac, reduced intake, liquid diets, etc., struggling for 13 years after surgery to be an average of 40-45 pounds overweight at any given time.

Finally, I found what works for me, and have reached and easily maintain the weight I achieved 1 Year after surgery over 20 years ago.

For me, I believe the constant insulin (fat storage hormone) spikes by snacking, high carbs, high protein (which spikes insulin), regardless of calorie count, and constant small meals interfered with my success. Note: I am not, nor have I ever been a diabetic.

What works for me: time restricted eating, good high fat, moderate protein, minimize refined carbohydrates. Psy-K to lock in behavior change.

Please share your experience. Thanks!

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This is an excellent post! I am just considering my options so I don't have anything of value to add except to thank you. You have given me something to think about and I look forward to seeing replies.

Liz J.
on 7/18/19 3:27 pm - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

I had a much smaller regain and nipped in the bud ASAP. I regained 15 pounds after my mom passes. I started eating low carb, high protein, moderate fats with calorie restriction and it's falling off. Everyone is different, this is what works for me. It also depends what type of surgery you had, I need more protein then a VGS or a RNY. Knowing what you need and following through is hard but it pays off in pounds lost.

HW: 398.8 SW:356 GW: 175 CW:147

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