IBS After Surgery - nutrition/diet help

on 9/21/19 3:04 pm

I am 12 years post op and a few years ago I developed IBS. After a battery of tests and three gastroenterologists later, they found it to be 'mechanical' due to RNY.

that said, of course I became lactose intolerant post surgery but need to figure out what I can and can't eat.

Does anyone have experience with this in terms of 'food and stomach sensitivities'. Meaning, what can you or can't you tolerate?

In addition to eliminating dairy, what about soy?

What about fruit that has skin?


artficial sweetener?


I'm trying to formulate a diet for myself where I do not have chronic diarrhea - with a list of foods I cannot eat.

I have yet to find a nutritionist who specialist in post-gastric bypass patients and my new gastro (the fourth now) doesn't seem to be accurate either.

Any concrete assistance here would be greatly appreciated. I'm desperate.

Thank you.


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on 11/19/19 6:30 am, edited 11/21/19 10:52 pm

Which supplements do you take? I would like to get some recommendations on those. Maybe you will also find something good for you at canadapharmacy.com. I often use that service to buy different medicine and vitamins, it is a really good one

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