What are some of your junk food replacements?

on 3/7/21 2:16 am
RNY on 02/23/21

I'm planning for a few weeks when I can have an open diet again, I never want to go back to my old diet. I'm such a junk food fanatic though, I used to live off of potato chips and fast food. My question is, what did you guys replace junk food with? I know there are some lower calorie and overall better for you alternatives out there, let's hear yours!

on 3/8/21 9:49 am

If you like Doritos, the Quest chips can be a great replacement. They are pricey, but you are going to eat such a small amount that it's something you should definitely let yourself splurge on. They give you a ton of protein as well. The Spicy Sweet Chili is hands down my favorite flavor thus far, but Nacho is also good. I found taco okay, the ranch got old to me pretty quickly. It all depends on personal preference of course.

There are some sites like Netrition that has a bariatric section, filled with a lot of alternatives. Though obviously still read the labels, don't take anyone's word for something as important as your dietary choices. I have some hot cocoa mix from there, for instance, that is artificially sweetened has a ton of protein. I also found some chocolate wafers from there I like that essentially are like having a protein bar in terms of nutrition. A lot of your options change depending on how you feel about artificial sweeteners. Some people can't tolerate them, and some doctors tell you to stay away from them completely.

There are a lot of big brands making protein versions of their products now. I buy granola bars that have a good amount in them, from multiple brands. Kodiak Cakes makes some products I enjoy, including their muffin mix. It's good when you need that carb rush but want to minimize the damage. I replace the oil called for with applesauce (no sugar added), so I'm just getting a lot of carbs and some protein in the muffins instead of a ton of fat as well.

on 3/10/21 1:08 am
RNY on 02/23/21

I had the taco quest chips before, I wasn't a huge fan and I think it was a texture thing. Although, my favorite Doritos are the sweet spicy chili so I'll have to give that flavor a try!

I've been tolerating most foods super well so far, so I'm looking forward to seeing what my new pallet will allow me to enjoy that actually isn't terrible for me!

on 3/13/21 12:46 am

Tortilla chips tend to have less fat and calories per ounce than potato chips.

on 5/19/21 6:08 am

I make chips from Armenian lava**** comes out delicious and not high in calories

on 7/15/21 7:19 am

What's armenian lava?

on 7/17/21 1:12 pm - Tacoma, WA
VSG on 06/03/19 with

Quest protein chips

Fiber one 70 calorie snack cakes

Halo Top

on 7/19/21 10:32 am

I have found for me that eating what I want - no matter what it is as long as it agrees with my tummy - on the first Sunday of the month allows me to stick to basics the rest of the month. And I mean by eat anything I mean just that. If it is a day of just chips/dip then so be it. If in the middle of the day I want an ice cream cone I have it. If I want a protein I have it. I take my vitamins and other supplements like normal. I have found that this one day does not have any negative effects on my weight or blood work. As long as I know 'that' Sunday is on the horizon it works for me. And after a while I seriously started craving 'the good stuff' and the chips went out the door...along with the other junk food.
You need to find what works for you. For me just 1 day a month eating to my hearts content works for me. Good luck!!!

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