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on 1/17/19 1:46 am
Topic: RE: Is almond butter helpful to health and beauty??

Hey, thanks for giving the valuable information. While I am searching for some more about this one I found some useful and interesting article which helps to more about the almond butter. I am sharing that article here.

I hope it will helpful for us. I am searching for some more articles, If I found useful one I will share with you.

on 1/10/19 9:31 pm
Topic: RE: Is almond butter helpful to health and beauty??

Thank you for the information. It's quite helpful.

on 1/10/19 8:00 pm
Topic: RE: Is almond butter helpful to health and beauty??

Almonds are nuts grown on trees, and peanuts are legumes, so one difference in how they grow.In a low carb diet almonds are preferred, with higher fat nuts like Brazil and Macadamia as ideal.

So maybe that is why almonds are much more popular as you can grind your own in most groceries and know there are no additives, or long shelf life.

Peanuts can grow mold as they are grown underground,

Not sure on the 'beauty' part. as a fascial scrub?

on 1/8/19 11:57 pm
Topic: Is almond butter helpful to health and beauty??

I heard that almond butter helps us to maintain good health when compared to peanut butter. Can anyone say up to how much it will be benefits to our health?

on 1/4/19 5:23 pm
Topic: RE: Keto Diet

What is your favorite part about Keto? It has been perfect for me- those I stay VLCHF since I do not eat meat protein. I found keto can take you so far, and then your body adapts, so Ibegan what was hard for me, intermittent fasting and have had success and will stick with this. I have on meal a day in a 2-6 hr window..thats it. on 6 hr windows I have a little bit spread out and then back to 2/22. Now adapting to one meal is easy for some, hard for others, and yet I lost a lost by just sticking to it. My favorite IF Dr is Jason Fung, there is so much good science and long history in MOST cultures that you quickly see that eating 3 meals and three snacks is ALWAYS eating in our society. with 74% overweight to obese now it's no wonder. People can preach 'drop 500 calories, lose a pound a week' many millions of successful dieters are there that way? none, for long. your body is smarter than that, and adjusts til the shortage is over. Trading the energy and clear headiness for not always 'digesting' a snack or meal is great. and for those who CAN'T exercise in any regimen this works for disabled and elderly too. good luck.

Gwen M.
on 12/30/18 3:52 pm
VSG on 03/13/14
Topic: RE: post op diet help

Most of us find success with high protein, low carb, and not worrying too much about fats.

60-80 grams of protein/day, ~800 calories during weight loss.

I do three meals a day with no snacks and my meals are 4-6 ounces, depending on what I'm eating.

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on 12/23/18 10:35 am
Topic: RE: post op diet help

what would be the portion sizes

and frequency or number of meals?

on 12/23/18 12:03 am
Topic: RE: post op diet help

there is a great website with tons of free info, videos on a low carb, moderate protein diet. people like us with high BMI who got to normal weight without WLS!

the basic pre- or post op WLS diet is meat and veggies, no cereals, bread, sugar foods, desserts, juices. some really motivation info and recipes, tips. I love it, keeps me going.

If you have seen 600# people surgery TV show the Dr puts them on a 1200 calorie low carb, mod. protein diet. 1200 is too low for me so I am doing good at 1500

there is a lady who is losing 100lbs she relates her journey & meal plan at

on 12/22/18 11:55 pm
Topic: RE: Any options for 800cal, low fat, low carb, high protein with low sodium--trying to keep below 1500mg

you only have 3 macros to work with-fat-carbs-protein.

If BOTH carbs and fats are low then protein will be way too high. 46gr it average best for women, per, some women lifters go to 90 gr, over that is going to add to conversion to sugar and stored as fat because the body can't use it fast enough, which you dont want.

eating only lean protein is going to be too low in fat, and your body needs fat more than carbs.

20% carbs, 20% fats, with protein at 60% may work, you'd be eating only lean chicken to stay within 500 calories.

is this a regular super low calorie diet? or after bariatric surgery?

on 12/22/18 8:05 am, edited 12/22/18 1:38 am
Topic: RE: HELP! Can't stop eatting!

I have the same weight loss problem. Especially, during winter. Please help!

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