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on 2/18/20 8:41 am
Topic: RE: Quest

I am a huge fan of the Quest powders... Peanut Butter is my top flavor, by far. I have tried all of the flavors with the exception of the ones with cinnamon or banana.

on 2/18/20 8:35 am
Topic: RE: Protein Shake Foam

Hello there,

Other than trying the ready to drink shakes, here are some things that you can try:

  1. Avoid using a blender or shaker.
  2. Use a normal glass instead of a shaker
  3. Prepare your shake beforehand.
  4. Mix the protein powder in little by little.
  5. Use lukewarm water or milk.
on 2/18/20 7:48 am
VSG on 03/16/20
Topic: Protein Shake Foam

Does anyone have any suggestions on preventing so much foam building up in protein shakes? I'm using Bariatric Fusion protein powders. I usually use a shaker bottle but have also tried using a fork. The fork doesn't create the foam but does leave a lot of small clumps of powder.

Any advice would be appreciated.

on 2/10/20 10:30 am
Topic: RE: Test

Sorry for the late response... everything depends on your comorbidities prior to surgery and the severity of each one. The only one that would raise a red flag would be the cardiologist's report which would indicate that your heart is not strong enough for surgery or there are underlying issues that would need to be resolved prior. Most individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose have a fatty liver. If there are bumps in the road, please do not feel discouraged. Take them as ways to prepare you more for surgery... you want to be at your best self possible that will result in a healthy outcome.

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on 2/5/20 10:36 pm
Topic: RE: Best Tasting Protein Powder to Drink

you should try whey protein in strawberry flavor. it's delicious in taste.

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on 2/5/20 10:28 pm
Topic: RE: Daily Food Consumption during Maintenance

I think you should take high protein foods. eat less but eat healthy.

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on 2/5/20 10:22 pm
Topic: RE: How to keep food warm

You should buy a ho****er bottle and keep it under the plate. I hope it will work for you.

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on 2/5/20 7:47 am
Topic: RE: Everything is repeating on me

This is a normal thing. I hope you will get it soon.

on 2/4/20 4:26 am
Topic: RE: Quest

I find Quest products to be very high quality and one of the few products I like and can use. I have not used Quest ready to drink shakes, only the powder and bars. My criteria would be (1) a good look at whether they contain sugar alcohols, because I don't tolerate these well. The original Quest bars are very low on SA's, but newer flavors are higher. (2) Calories under 200. (3) Protein over 20 is a bonus.

on 2/2/20 7:04 pm, edited 2/2/20 11:05 am
Topic: RE: juicer

I'm the owner of the Super Angel DELUXE juicer. It does a great job with hard fruits and vegetables. All in all, I use it every day. Every morning, usually before meal, I drink a glass of fresh celery juice or sometimes I drink it 30 minutes before or after any meal. It's pricey but definitely worth every penny. Bought mine on Amazon /dp/B00KRN9HKE/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Super+Angel+DELUXE&qid=15 80698968&s=home-garden&sr=1-1

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